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SpectorSoft, in partnership with Netlingo, present A Parent's Guide To Internet Lingo - the free ebook designed to help you decode your child's secret online language.

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Decode Your Child's Secret Online Language

CUL8R. LMIRL. PAW. GNOC. Is this an alien language, or just language that is alien to you?

Kids have quickly adopted a cryptic form of communication (an Internet Lingo) that consists of abbreviated words and phrases that they use to code their conversations. With SpectorSoft's "A Parent's Guide To Internet Lingo" you can now decode this secret language and know EXACTLY what your children are discussing with friends online.

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Capture Their Conversations With SPECTOR PRO

We've got you covered! SPECTOR PRO monitoring software from SpectorSoft will capture your child's emails, chats, instant messages, Facebook conversations…and much more.

SPECTOR PRO takes it a step further by highlighting Lingo within online chat/instant message conversations and then automatically decoding it for you into plain English.

SPECTOR PRO Lingo Decoder:

  • Your Child: LMIRL
  • Stranger: How about tomorrow 3PM?
  • Your Child: OK
  • Stranger: Great. See you at the park. Hey, will you GNOC
  • Your Child: Now?
  • Stranger: Yes
  • Your Child: Can't PAW
  • Stranger: Tomorrow then. CUL8R

SPECTOR PRO will make surfing the Internet and chatting online a safer experience for your child. For a limited time, SPECTOR PRO is available for only $99.95 (regularly $169.95).

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