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SpectorSoft Launches eBlaster Mobile Remote Monitoring Software for BlackBerry Devices

Vero Beach, FLSeptember 13, 2010 - SpectorSoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in Internet monitoring and surveillance software, today released a new product for consumer and corporate remote monitoring and surveillance: eBlaster Mobile. The first release of eBlaster Mobile, available for purchase at, works with RIM BlackBerry® devices. It records all of a user's call logs, mobile email, and text activity, and can be installed and configured within minutes.

eBlaster Mobile allows you to remotely monitor the activity of anyone using a BlackBerry that you own, but don't use, such as one you've given to a child or assigned to an employee. All recordings are organized into an easy-to-read Activity Report that is automatically sent to your email address as frequently as you choose. With eBlaster Mobile, you'll be notified of all:

  • Email Activity – Get transcripts of emails sent or received through one or more personal mail accounts setup on the BlackBerry Internet Service (including @aol, @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, and and company messages sent through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Even when a user deletes an email, eBlaster Mobile will keep a copy of that message for review.
  • Text Message Activity – Receive transcripts of text message conversations – every word that was typed on both sides of the conversation. You can receive immediate notification of text messages, regardless of whether a message was deleted from the phone.
  • Voice Call Log – See when and who they are calling and for how long. Find out if your children are talking on the phone during times when you have asked them not to, such as when they are supposed to be doing homework or after bedtime. Or, determine if your employees are using a company phone to make or receive too many personal phone calls.

Activity Reports are delivered to your email address as often as every 30 minutes or as infrequently as once a day. eBlaster Mobile Instant Notification keeps you “in-the-know” by forwarding you a transcript of every message sent and received. Settings can be changed remotely via a web interface any time you are viewing an eBlaster Mobile Activity Report, eliminating the need to gain access to the BlackBerry to change the email address where reports and notifications are sent, alter how frequently they're sent, or change the activities to be recorded.

“eBlaster Mobile gives business owners a critical way to monitor and prevent data theft, text abuse, and policy violations—especially when employees share confidential or sensitive information in text messages or personal email accounts using their company-issued BlackBerry,” said SpectorSoft CEO, Jason Judge. “eBlaster Mobile is also ideal for parents who wish to have complete visibility and instant notification of their child's mobile communications at all times.”

According to August 2010 data from The Nielsen Company, multipurpose smartphones that allow users to access the web and email as well as run thousands of apps and share text and picture messages, now represent 25 percent of the U.S. mobile market; of these, 35 percent—the largest share—are RIM BlackBerry OS devices.

eBlaster Mobile Pricing and Availability A one-year eBlaster Mobile subscription is priced at $49.95 and supports RIM BlackBerry Device Software v4.2 or higher, including v4.5, v5.0 and v6.0 (any BlackBerry purchased after October 2007 will be supported). For purchase and download information, visit or call 1-888-598-2788 toll free or 1-772-770-5670 seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

SpectorSoft products are available for purchase from its direct sales team, on the web, at retail and through select reseller partners. For smaller offices, a 25-client Spector 360 license is $1,995. For larger organizations, a 1000-client license is $44,950 and includes a Microsoft SQL Server license. For specific departmental or agency pricing, or to obtain additional information please visit the Spector 360 website at or contact SpectorSoft Sales at (888) 598-2788 or (772) 770-5670.

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SpectorSoft is the leader in computer and mobile device User Activity Monitoring and analysis software. SpectorSoft has helped more than 36,000 businesses, government organizations, schools, and law enforcement agencies improve how they address security and achieve compliance across communication and computing OSs and devices. SpectorSoft solutions review security risk, audit compliance mandates, protect assets and reputation, ensure adherence to Acceptable Use Policies, and optimize productivity and efficiency. In addition, SpectorSoft has sold nearly 1 Million licenses to help parents and guardians keep children safe online. For more information, visit