Viewing Web Sites Visited

Get an exact picture of the user's web surfing habits. Spector Pro saves a record of every web page that is accessed on the computer for you to review. Although similar to the History feature of typical browsers, Spector Pro goes further by providing important details such as the total number of visits made to a web site, the total amount of time there was keyboard or mouse activity during the visit, and more. You can quickly highlight any domain, subdomain or URL and block access to it.

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Practical Uses

By default, Spector Pro captures web site activity. To learn more about the settings that affect what you view in this window, see Web Site Settings.  

What Is Recorded?

The Web Sites Visited event window displays information in three panes: Navigate, Detail, and Summary. Use the Navigate pane to select different information to display in the other two panes. You may change the order in which columns are arranged or how information is sorted within a column.  

Summary Pane

The Summary pane displays the following columns:

Right-click in the pane and select any of these additional columns for display:

Details Pane

The following columns are displayed in the Detail pane:

Right-click in the pane and select any of the following additional columns for display:


The Web Sites Visited event window contains the following shortcuts:

Menu Bar Options

The menu bar is specifically customized for Web Sites Visited.

Status Bar

The status bar contains the standard items.


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