• SPECTOR PRO Is 'Mom's Choice'

    Mom's Choice Award

    Based on quality, design, ease of use, powerful features, and cost, SPECTOR PRO received a Mom's Choice Award in the Family Monitoring Software category. The Mom's Choice Awards program establishes the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly software products and services.

  • Spector Pro Ranked #1 by "Top Ten Reviews"

    Top 10 Reviews

    Technology evaluation site Top Ten Reviews has ranked Spector Pro as its #1 monitoring solution. Spector Pro was the only monitoring software to earn perfect ratings in every category including Feature Set, Ease of Use, Ease of Installation, Monitoring Effectiveness, Help/Documentation and Overall Rating. According to the popular site, "Our 'Top Ten Review Gold Award' winner can monitor just about everything including MySpace and Facebook activity, email content, chat conversations and surfing habits."


    The review continued, "Spector Pro eliminates your worries about what's going on at home or the office and is available for even the most recent versions of Windows and Mac." In discussing Spector Pro's Feature Set the review noted, "More than just monitoring online activity, Spector Pro can monitor every program or application run on the computer. You can see what programs were launched, and how long they were actually used." Calling it "amazingly easy to use," the review praised Spector Pro's straightforward interface, layout and VCR-type screen recording and playback feature. Top Ten Reviews concluded, "Spector Pro can help you effectively and efficiently monitor all online activity. With the best lineup of features and great tools, Spector Pro is a complete monitoring software solution."

  • Law Enforcement News Center: "Law enforcement agencies select SpectorSoft monitoring software to help parents protect kids online"

    SpectorSoft monitoring software has been selected by multiple law enforcement agencies as the backbone of their public Internet safety programs and is highlighted at Internet safety seminars for parents held around the country.

    Sergeant Paul Garcia of the Albuquerque, NM Police Department said Spector is a key component of its community outreach program, which is designed to inform and educate concerned parents about the growing incidence of pedophiles approaching children through various PC and Internet activities. "In my opinion Spector is an outstanding product for parents, and is a great tool to help protect children from the dangers they face while online. Along with our IT team, I tested several products, and our first choice is Spector."

  • About.com Review

    About.com says Spector 6.0 "once again sets the bar"

    As a follow up to his Five-Star review of Spector Pro 5.0, About.com's Tony Bradley reviewed Spector Pro 6.0 saying, "Spector Pro 6.0 once again sets the bar." The review continued, "I rated the previous version, Spector Pro 5.0, with 5 stars, and if we had more stars available I might give this one a 6.

    I have not found any other product (with the possible exception of eBlaster) that is as comprehensive and powerful, but also flexible and easy to use." He concluded by saying, "If you have any need to monitor the activity on your own computer, your employee's computers or the computers of your children this is the program to do it with."

  • Information Week

    Spector Pro named one of InformationWeek's 24 Digital Tools to Capture, Protect and Secure Data

    To catch a data thief, you'll need discreet audio and video recorders, tiny cameras, keystroke loggers and a trove of other 007-worthy digital security, monitoring and surveillance devices. Spector Pro is one of the tools discussed by the experts at InformationWeek.

  • ABC News

    Noted Privacy Lawyer Discusses SpectorSoft on Good Morning America

    Parry Aftab, a noted privacy lawyer and Executive Director of WiredSafety.org, was a guest on ABC's Good Morning America. Her organization works to arm parents with information to keep their kids safe online. During the interview she shared several tips for parents to keep their kids safe as well as her thoughts on monitoring kids' computer use. She strongly recommends installing software from SpectorSoft, either Spector Pro or eBlaster, so that the recorded information can be accessed in the future if there is ever cause for concern.

  • Reader's Digest

    Reader's Digest Notes that with Spector Pro "There's Not Anything These Guys Can Get Away With"

    In an article titled "Is Your Boss Spying on You? It's legal, it's happening and it can get you fired," Reader's Digest writer Kim Zetter discusses how more employers are monitoring PCs to protect themselves against lawsuits such as sexual harassment and copyright infringement, as well as to increase security and improve employee productivity.

    The article opens with the story of Ismael Rodriguez, a network analyst for Copier Country, a small New York company that sells photocopiers. According to Zetter, "A few years ago, after a salesman took the firm's customer database when he left for a new job, Rodriguez installed a program called Spector Pro on most of the company's computers. The software, made by SpectorSoft, can track and block the websites a user tries to visit and log his or her every keystroke."

    "I can see screen shots of what they do in Yahoo!," Rodriguez says. "I can see what they're typing, whether it's resumes or business-related stuff. The program even keeps track of songs that employees download to their iPod. There's not anything these guys can get away with that I can't see."

  • Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal says SpectorSoft Protects Against Insider Threats

    Wall Street Journal writer Katherine Wegert featured SpectorSoft in a recent article about how important it is for businesses to look at technology that can monitor, filter and block access to inappropriate Web sites, e-mails and instant messaging systems. The WSJ article covered the experience of SpectorSoft's customer, Ajax Boiler Inc.

    Ajax Boiler found one of its 100 employees bringing a rival's proprietary information into their system and another reading the HR manager's e-mail. According to the article, "Both staff members would have escaped notice if it weren't for a recent upgrade to Ajax's security software. The product, made by Vero Beach, FL-based SpectorSoft Corp., essentially records everything employees do on their computers including Web sites they have visited, time spent looking at a site, e-mails they have sent, and more."

    The article, which also appeared in the Associated Press, WSJ.com, BusinessWeek.com, Forbes, and YahooFinance.com, continued: "The greatest risk to company security now comes from within, security analysts say. In the past, the threat has been mostly from spammers and hackers. Employers are increasingly relying on advanced software to protect their systems against the new threats."

  • Chicago Tribune

    Chicago Tribune Features SpectorSoft in Story about Workplace Sports Viewing

    Eric Benderoff's Tech Buzz Column talked about how SpectorSoft products can help stem the alarming number of employees who waste time watching the NCAA college basketball tournament while at work. According to Benderoff, "Last year, more than 14 million people watched the tournament. Nearly 80 percent of viewers watched from their office desktops."

    He goes on to talk about the growing trend to use SpectorSoft products as a way to curtail Internet abuse at work and quoted SpectorSoft president Doug Fowler who said, "In 2006, sales to business customers of SpectorSoft software to monitor workplace Web access increased 50 percent." Benderoff continued, "His product can read every e-mail you send, determine how much time you spend at MySpace.com perusing profiles, whether you downloaded any music to your computer and what files you may be putting on a USB drive to take home -- or to a competitor. It even can tell the boss if you're getting to work late and like to leave early." He notes, "So, if you're tempted this year, consider yourself warned."

  • Laura Ingraham Guest Stresses Importance of Using SpectorSoft Software

    Cyber Bully expert and researcher Dr. Justin Patchin talked about the importance of using SpectorSoft software on "The Laura Ingraham Show." The radio show, which is heard on more than 350 stations, featured actual stories from Dr. Patchin and practical tips on how parents can protect their children including the use of software from SpectorSoft.

  • CBS News

    CBS Evening News Shows Spector Pro as "High Tech Parenting Tool"

    In a segment titled 'The Secret Lives of Teens,' CBS Science and Technology Correspondent Daniel Sieberg discussed the dangers children face on the Internet and the issues involved with parental monitoring."Is it high-tech parenting or old-fashioned prying?" asked Sieberg. "For any parent concerned about what their kids are doing in the digital domain, software programs can log every keystroke, keep track of every Web page, read every e-mail, instant message, etc. Users can even set keyword 'alerts,' so if a child types or reads something they deem inappropriate an e-mail is sent to the person who installed the software."

  • PC World

    PC World Writer "Stunned" by Spector Pro's Efficient Tracking

    Reviewer Steve Bass, in his column 'Tips & Tweaks', took a look at Spector Pro. According to the review, "SpectorSoft's Spector Pro costs $100 and I was stunned by how efficient it is at tracking everything --and I mean everything -- a user does. It works in the background and unless you're really PC savvy, you won't even see it.

    Even if you do find it, you can't access the setup without a password." He continued, "The program recorded everything I did on the computer, and even took snapshots of the screen." Bass commented on how Spector Pro might be used for troubleshooting PC problems. He said, "Another way to use Spector Pro is to see what Web sites users were on, and to review their actions to learn how and when they might have picked up spyware. The setup also lets you block access in a number of ways, including by time, application, and Web sites."

  • SmartMoney

    SmartMoney Covers SpectorSoft, Growth of Employee PC Monitoring

    "Employees have come to expect that their company keeps track of the web sites they visit and the emails they send," according to Aleksandra Todorova in her article "Office Spies." The article notes, "Internet monitoring doesn't end with going through email and a list of visited web sites. Now, thanks to software programs like SpectorSoft, employers can record practically everything employees do on their computers and watch it as if on videotape," says Jay Mellon, vice president at AtNetPlus, a Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio-based IT security consultancy and SpectorSoft Partner.

  • US News & World Report

    US News & World Report: Spector Pro "One Slick Piece of Technology"

    In an article featuring tools for parents concerned about their kids' activities on social networking sites, US News & World writer Dave LaGesse called Spector Pro "One Slick Piece of Technology." LaGesse, whose "Dave's Download" article appears monthly in the magazine, continued, "It loads smoothly and is easy to hide, if you choose to keep your spying a secret. Then it monitors everything that happens on the PC. Perhaps most impressive are the snapshots of what transpired on that machine -- frequent screen grabs that you later review as a sort of slide show."

  • Wall Street Journal

    Kids' Summer Internet Use Cited as Major Employee Concern in Wall Street Journal Article

    In an article printed in The Wall Street Journal titled 'Remote Control: Parents Use Software To Track Kids' Online Activity From Work,' writer Sue Shellenbarger discussed the concerns parents have regarding their children's Internet use during the summer months. According to Shelllenbarger, "More than one-fourth of parents cite worries about kids' spending too much time online as a top summer child-care fear."

    The article noted that a growing number of parents are using consumer software such as Spector Pro to monitor their kids' home Internet use from work. According to Shellenbarger, "Parents say they gain invaluable information about their children, plus the power to control what they do online."

  • People Magazine

    People Magazine Article Suggests Parents Use SpectorSoft Products to Uncover Kids' MySpace Passwords

    In a People Magazine article titled 'MySpace Nation: The Controversy' some of the dangers of MySpace are noted including how it "attracts creeps and pervs." The story notes that MySpace is "an online playground for kids with an astounding 16 million having their own web pages." Internet safety expert Parry Aftab advises readers that it is imperative that parents know their child's MySpace password, and if the child won't volunteer it, to use SpectorSoft software to uncover the password.

  • Newsday

    Newsday Article: Parents Should "Absolutely" Track Kids Online Activity

    In a story titled 'Tracking your Kids Online' the author asked parents if they should track the Internet activity of their children. Rebecca Hagelin, who uses SpectorSoft to track her three teenagers, said, "Absolutely...It's allowed my children to enjoy all the benefits the latest technology has to offer them, and it's allowed me to protect them from the dangers of some of the new technology," she says. "It's a win-win."

  • About.com

    About.com Gives Spector Pro Highest Rating of 5 Stars, Calling It "The Best of the Best"

    According to reviewer Tony Bradley, "Spector Pro rocks - plain and simple!" Bradley continues, "Spector Pro is the world's best selling monitoring and surveillance software.

    Spector Pro contains seven integrated tools that record virtually every minute detail and action on a computer: chat sessions, instant messages, emails sent and received, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, programs launched and peer to peer file searching and swapping."

    He concluded, "SpectorSoft more or less defines the market for this type of software. If you want to monitor children, employees or even your own computer Spector Pro 5.0 is the best of the best."

  • Houston Chronicle

    Houston Chronicle Recommends Spector Pro to Aid Concerned Parents

    Houston Chronicle writer Anne Reeks recommended Spector Pro for parents worried about the rash of recent news stories concerning children who are arranging to meet strangers over the Internet. According to the article, which highlighted the case of girl who went missing after meeting a man online, "Even more alarming, an FBI official said cases of Houston area minors being lured away by online 'friends' have been increasing, to over one a week."

  • PC Magazine Editors' Choice

    Spector Pro Wins PC Magazine Editors' Choice

    Calling Spector Pro "the best choice," PC Magazine awarded the product with its Editors' Choice for the SECOND time. Spector Pro originally won this honor in July 2002. PC Magazine's Sebastian Rupley noted that Spector Pro has "abundant options for customization - which is great for power users."

    The magazine also liked both eBlaster and Spector Pro's stealth mode saying, "eBlaster and Spector Pro do the best job of hiding: We found no traces of either app in the Windows Registry." They also commented on the products' application tracking, "Only eBlaster and Spector Pro provide the total time the given app is open as well as the active time - the amount of time the program remains in the Windows foreground."

    The review concluded, "Spector Pro is the best choice. Logging the user's every keystroke and taking frequent screen grabs, the program is simple enough to use and offers the most powerful and complete assortment of monitoring and reporting features among the tools we've tested. It is also the only monitoring application we looked at that offers time management features."

  • InfoWorld

    InfoWorld says SpectorSoft Simplifies Snooping

    "Being nosy can be good for business," says Curtis Franklin in his article 'Every word they type, every link they click.' Franklin notes, "There are many legitimate reasons for an organization to want to know what's happening on its computers. From industrial espionage, to sabotage, and workplace harassment suits, it's not hard to understand the strong financial incentives that may exist for keeping tabs on employees' workstations."

    He continues, "SpectorSoft offers a pair of products that allow an IT department to observe virtually all activity on individual workstations. Spector Pro and e-Blaster 3.0 are separate solutions to a common problem. Each offers an inexpensive way to monitor the actions and data running through a computer's keyboard and screen."

  • NBC Today Show

    NBC Today Show says SpectorSoft Products Help Parents Protect Children

    In a segment titled "Keeping Your Child Safe Online" the NBC Today Show discussed SpectorSoft products eBlaster and Spector Pro, saying the monitoring tools were extremely useful in helping parents protect their children online.


    MSNBC says Workers' Web Habits No Secret with SpectorSoft

    Michelle Swafford talked about Spector Pro and eBlaster in an article titled, 'Workers' Web Habits are no Secret.' Swafford says, "SpectorSoft Corp. has two software programs - eBlaster and Spector Pro - available for companies to monitor employees or parents to monitor their children's computer activities. Spector Pro records everything for viewing later while eBlaster tracks everything and then e-mails a report of the computer's activity to a designated person. Both programs can monitor e-mails, Internet use, instant messaging and word processing programs."

    The article goes on to quote SpectorSoft spokesperson Kasey Sellati, "It really gives you a very complete picture of what's going on because it's like you were sitting there." Sellati said SpectorSoft's customers use the software to make sure employees aren't wasting time, saying inappropriate things or giving out confidential information.

  • PC Magazine Editors' Choice

    PC Magazine Awards Spector Pro Editors' Choice

    In a cover story and review of monitoring products titled 'Watching You, Watching Me', Spector Pro won PC Magazine's Editors' Choice. According to writer Karen Bannen, "Spector Pro stands above the rest." The writer noted, "Spector Pro's interface is the most sophisticated." The article goes on to praise Spector Pro's "handy extras" including "a VCR-like control panel to play back screenshots", "the ability to begin taking screenshots more frequently after detecting a keyword" and the product's log retrieval functionality.

  • Ladies' Home Journal

    Ladies' Home Journal says Spector Reduces Conflict and Offers "Peace of Mind"

    Exploring parenting in the age of the Internet, Ladies' Home Journal examined monitoring software programs that help keep kids from harm. One suburban Philadelphia housewife who uses Spector finds that it brought her 'peace of mind.'

    According to the story, titled "Mother is Watching," Julia was concerned about her daughter Melanie after finding her missing from the house at 3 AM. She turned to Spector and found that everything was okay. Despite leaving the home at 3 AM, her daughter had met a female friend that night and Julia was reassured that "nothing dramatic was going on." Asked if monitoring is worth it, she said "There'd be a lot more conflict if I wasn't sure Melanie was behaving herself".

  • TIME Magazine

    TIME Magazine Includes SpectorSoft Products in Front Cover Article

    A TIME Magazine front cover feature titled 'Internet Insecurity' featured SpectorSoft products. According to the writer, Adam Cohen, "What can you expect if someone puts SpectorSoft's Spector on your computer? It will secretly take hundreds of snapshots an hour of every website, chat group and e-mail that appears on your screen, and store them so that the special someone who is spying on you can review them later. SpectorSoft's eBlaster will send the spy detailed e-mail reports updating your computer activities as often as every 30 minutes. These products work in stealth mode, so the people being spied on are totally unaware."

  • Fortune Magazine

    Fortune Reports on How Spector Helped a Parent Catch Pedophile

    In their feature, 'Top 10 Tech Trends to Bet On', Eric Nee & Peter H. Lewis reported on a SpectorSoft customer who used the product to catch a teacher who was preying on his daughter. According to the writers, "A man in Memphis secretly installed Spector on his 13- year-old stepdaughter's personal computer last fall and discovered, by reading her private e-mail, that she was having sex with her 37-year-old schoolteacher."

  • NBC Nightly News

    Spector Featured on NBC Nightly News

    NBC Nightly News aired a segment that showed ways that parents can keep track of where their children are and what they are up to. The report discussed how parents are using monitoring tools to find out exactly what their children are doing on the Internet. A parent who uses Spector talked about how he used the software.

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