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Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, useful products and exceptional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here's what our customers say about our efforts.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I DEPEND on your software to keep me informed of my teenagers' online usage. I've not only saved my teens from making bad choices, but have also been able to alert our school privately of happenings that they wouldn't have otherwise known of. One child was searching online for drugs. Due to knowledge gained through Spector they were expelled immediately and are now receiving much needed counseling. Your company is saving young lives - be very proud!"

Lisa Knoppe, St. Louis, MO

"I own eBLASTER and its use saved my daughter from every parent's worst nightmare, a sexual predator. I talk to parents groups, churches, individuals about their RESPONSIBILITY to know what their kids are seeing on their computers. I am so impressed, I am considering becoming a reseller. You have no idea how thankful I am for this product."

Steve Prusik, Sullivan, MO

"I recently purchased your product, I wish I had known about it several months ago. I think every parent should utilize this to help protect their kids from various situations. Thank you or should I say thank the people who came up with this program."

Bob Depweg, Newhall, CA

"Having been involved in the online revolution since the days of GEnie, I have seen both the lighter and darker sides of the web. While it clearly has enormous potential as a resource, it is also a source of disturbing content and predators... frightening, particularly if you're a concerned parent.

As the father of 5 boys (ages 12-18) we have resigned ourselves to the Internet being a part of our kids lives--though understanding the potential dangers of the web led us to begin researching 'proactive' options to keep our kids safe.

After much research all roads pointed to you guys.

eBLASTER is more than the standard for the industry, its the standard for parental peace of mind. From its flawless yet complete delivery of every second our kids spend online to its ease of use (and installation) you guys should be standard equipment for every family PC sold. Yes, I respect my kids privacy...but not at the expense of their safety.

In the world of technology, words like 'state of the art' and 'cutting edge' get redefined almost hourly. I have yet to come across a program that comes close to eBLASTER. And, considering you do it all for a mere $99, you make priceless peace of mind rather affordable."

Sam Ash, Munsey, NY

"I received a frantic message from one of my customers stating that her 14-year old daughter ran away with some man she met on the Internet. I remembered we had installed eBLASTER on her PC a few months ago and quickly called her back to remind her of that fact. She asked if I would do an analysis on her daughter's PC. I cancelled my plans for the evening and headed to the customer's house where I pored over all of the data captured by eBLASTER. I had dozens of pages of information ranging from pictures of the man (who turned out to be a 16 year old boy) and the plans they made. We found phone numbers and addresses where they would be staying. This turned out to be a legitimate run-away situation. The parent turned over the information to the police. The runaway girl was located four days later and returned home safely. In the aftermath, I asked the parent if the information gathered by eBLASTER was helpful... She said they would have had nothing to go on without eBLASTER."

George Volakakis, IST Computers, San Diego, CA

"Dear SpectorSoft and Employees, I am writing to express my appreciation to SpectorSoft and its employees for the incredible value I have found in the eBLASTER software. With this tool I was able to monitor my oldest daughter's communication on the Internet in such a way that did not interfere with her ability to communicate freely. During the monitoring period we observed our daughter struggling with some very difficult problems that she had not shared with us. Over a period of several months there were three critical incidents that we were able to address promptly because of eBLASTER's monitoring and notification features. It was important to us that our daughter not become aware of our monitoring, so we were very careful to re-discover the problems directly with her through a series of questions, pointed advice and family discussions. The process of monitoring and confronting has become an extremely valuable tool for us in raising our children. My child may not have survived this period without access to eBLASTER. Thank you again for your dedication and support of the eBLASTER product."

Don D.

"The school I work for is an American boarding high school in a foreign country. We have 25 different nationalities in our student body whose parents live in countries around the globe. Having email available for students to communicate with their parents is a must, but it is also important that we be able to monitor these for inappropriate messages. Spector has greatly simplified my duties in this area. I put in a list of key words and it sends me an email whenever a keyword violation occurs. Yes, it takes a few minutes per day to clear these messages, but that is much better than having parents and students complaining of harassment as they have in the past. Being able to print a copy of what the student has typed is proof enough and amazes the student that we have the information.

We credit Spector Pro with our school being able to have Internet access available for our students. It is amazing how much more responsible students are when they know that what they are typing might be seen by someone else. It is also thanks to Spector that I can leave the computer lab open for more hours so that the students can use it without me constantly worrying about where someone is going on the Internet. We have tried some of the website blocking software programs, but they only leave you embarrassed when you accidentally open a site that is supposed to be blocked because some webmaster has changed the domain name. This method allows the students to learn to monitor themselves while still being accountable for where they go. This software is what education is all about: Freedom with responsibility."

Dean Edwards, Maxwell Adventist Academy, Nairobi, Kenya

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful product this is. I installed it on two of my computers at home to watch my children's internet habits. Within a couple of months I was able to put a stop to inappropriate chats between my 14 year old daughter and one of her male teachers that took place almost every day. Without this software I would have had no idea what was going on. The police department and school district complimented me on my inititative. I gave credit to your wonderful program and have told many parents about it. No household with children who use the internet should be without it. I don't think parents realize how many horrible things their children can come across, just by accident. Thanks again. You have saved my daughter from what could have been a very bad situation."

M Baranowski

"Thank you so much. Your product is wonderful. You saved my 17-year-old child. Seriously. I am now able to monitor his computer and really understand the problems he is experiencing at school and with life in general through the instant messages and email communications captured by eBLASTER. We discovered he was looking at porn on the Internet and drinking. Now we have been able to block the sites, catch him with the alcohol and know which friends are offering it. We have been able to save our child."

Name withheld by request

"Our company has been more than pleased with our eBLASTER and SpectorPro software and the level of security they provide us against potential sexual harassment lawsuits (if any of our employees were accessing adult-oriented websites and was overseen by another employee, customer, or client for example) and against potential breaches of confidentiality concerning our systems, processes, and other proprietary information. We provide social services to governmental agencies through contract awards and as such we need to ensure that our proposals, curricula, and business procedures remain proprietary.

eBLASTER allows us to monitor emails sent and received by our employees, displays what applications were accessed and when, and even reports every single keystroke our employees make while working on their computers. These benefits alone would have made eBLASTER an indispensable tool for a business like ours.

If and when any employee accesses a restricted or improper web-site, or uses their office computer to send offensive or threatening emails or instant messages our company will know within the hour and can take immediate action to prevent potential law suits or other liabilities.

In addition, with eBLASTER, we routinely track the accuracy and speed of data entry, and our employees "down time". We use this additional information to adjust work schedules, response times, and to award raises and promotions. I would be happy to speak with anyone about eBLASTER and the level of comfort it provides."

Clayton A. Chase, Kansas City, Missouri

"I can only express my experience with SpectorSoft as, "WOW". I am overwhelmed with pleasure about your product, and now this follow up message, WOW. The purchase was hassle free. The software downloaded and installed very easily. I placed a call to you, before I purchased and you answered my questions. I was amazed that your company offers direct contact. My head is still spinning!

The software is working beautifully.

I will offer you this feedback: I had ordered from one of your competitors. It was $20 less. I learned the hard way what is meant by the old saying, "you get what you pay for". The software had compatibility problems. My support requests were answered after a week. When I expressed my displeasure, they stopped answering my requests for their software to "work". I immediately called my credit card company to issue a complaint. They told me that this was not the first time they had heard of this same complaint with this company. They issued my refund instantly.

I had almost lost hope, until learning of your company, searching the web. The credentials and testimonials looked solid. Your money back guarantee and the immediate answer, by a real person, convinced me to take a chance. This was the most satisfying experience with making an online purchase that I've ever had!

I will "sell" your company to everyone I know, as well as complain about the other one. As a business person myself, I've experienced first hand that a great product and excellent service wins customers every time. Please continue to be excellent!"

David T.

"Due to recent changes is SEC regulations, we must now monitor and review instant messenger traffic as email. SpectorSoft's eBLASTER product has allowed us to match our current review policies without modification. As standard procedure, we make a copy of all email traffic and send it to a public folder to be reviewed by departmental management. eBLASTER permitted us to continue this review process by capturing the IM traffic and sending the report to the same folder for management review. eBLASTER is a very small client, easily installs in seconds and is much more cost effective than other solutions. eBLASTER has enabled our company to comply with SEC regulations without breaking our bottom line."

Adam Bell, Avondale Partners, LLC

"I've installed your software on 5 PCs (and my own) and I am amazed at how well it works. I sound like an ad... I have used it to monitor new employees, and some experienced ones, specifically on their use of time on the system. I even headed off a looming struggle between three employees... I think I took the wind out of their sails.

It has also forced me to address the fact that I'm indeed monitoring their computer actions and content which broaches the privacy issue. Here in New York State, as our attorneys can vouch, an employee has no expectation of privacy while at work if the PC, the software, and all the other systems are company owned. That is a big wake up call to some."

Charlie Epes, Gernold Agency, Inc., Orchard Park, NY

"This program has saved my 12-year old daughter from chatting with 3 men that were "teaching" her the basics!!! Who knows what this could have led to!"

Katherine O'Boyle

"I thought you would like to know, with the confirmation by your company's software, I just fired our manager of 3 years who was earning over 100K a year. I have some pretty strong ammo with your software if he goes to court or the unemployment office."

Dallas, TX

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