Configuring the app

After installing and/or rebooting the device, follow these steps to configure eBLASTER for use.

To configure a new eBLASTER installation:

  1. Access the eBLASTER app on the phone.
    See Accessing eBLASTER After Configuration.
  1. Use Agreement.
    You must agree that you own this device or have been given permission to install on this device. You must agree to inform users of this device that their activities are being monitored. Click Agree.

  1. Software License Agreement.
    The software license agreement appears next. Read it and click Accept.

  1. Serial Number.
    Enter your eBLASTER Serial number in the entry box that appears. Your serial number was provided in a purchase email. Hide the keyboard if necessary and tap OK.

  1. Restore Settings (on re-install).
    If you have installed eBLASTER once before under this serial number, the following message appears. Choose OK to use your previous configuration. Otherwise, continue on to the next step.

  1. eBLASTER access code, email, and password.
    These entries are required. Provide an email address where eBLASTER can send information and reports. Set a password to access eBLASTER on this phone and at the remote Control Panel.

Change Access Code (optional) - If you wish, enter new digits for the access code.

Set Email Address (required) - You must provide a valid email address to which eBLASTER will deliver its reports.

Set Password (required) - This password will access eBLASTER on the device and the remote Control Panel website.

Confirm the Password - Enter the password again.

Click OK to accept the configuration or Cancel to exit.

The password entered here will be required to access eBLASTER settings on this device and at the remote Control Panel.

  1. Exit eBLASTER.
    eBLASTER is ready to record; you can exit.  Further settings you may need:
    Configuring Web Proxy for Wi-Fi Networks - needed to capture and filter websites
    Configuring Web Proxy for the Carrier Network - needed to capture and filter websites
    Enabling Location Capture - needed for location capture


  • To capture Location on the device, enable the device's Location Capture.
  • To capture websites or enable web filtering, configure a Web Proxy for Wi-Fi and network connections.
  • To capture Photos taken on the device, make sure an SD card (microSD) has been installed for storing photos.
  • Be aware that frequent location logging and other reporting will use up the device's battery charge. Try to be conservative in your settings.  
  • Be sure to clear the device's browser and call histories after installing eBLASTER. See Clearing History on the Android.