Notes on Installing eBlaster Mobile for BlackBerry

You need physical access to the phone you plan to monitor in order to download and install eBlaster Mobile on it. As soon as eBlaster Mobile is installed, it will begin capturing a list of calls, text messages, the phone's geographic location, and other activity as you request. There will be no trace of this captured activity on the phone. Instead, an Activity Report will be sent by email to the email address you provide. If you request Photo Forwarding, photo thumbnails will be forwarded to the same email address in a separate email.

IMPORTANT:  This phone must be owned by you, and you must inform anyone that uses the phone that their activity is subject to monitoring. If you monitor a person without their consent, you may violate Federal, State, and local laws and be subject to criminal or civil penalties.

A few steps are required following the download!

To complete installation, following the download you will open eBlaster Mobile, enter your serial number, and configure security and report delivery. Your serial number provides access to technical support and recovering a forgotten password.

Use the phone to download eBlaster Mobile

If you are not reading this page on the phone you wish to monitor, print or keep this page open, and follow the steps below when you have access to the phone. More help is provided in the online eBlaster Mobile Help.

If you are updating

All previous settings will be retained, and the application will be updated. The phone will prompt you to set permissions, replace the application, and reboot the phone. The updated eBlaster Mobile will begin recording immediately.

Download the eBlaster Mobile application

Perform these steps at the BlackBerry phone.

IMPORTANT: You must grant the eBlaster Mobile the appropiate permission to run. Do this as you download the app (step 4 below) or as prompted. Permission prompts may appear following the installation. Be sure to clear the browser history after downloading! See below.

  1. If you are reading these notes on the phone:
    Select the Download link above and continue to step 2.

If this page is not on the phone, go to
Use the phone to open the Internet Browser. Select the Browser  (globe icon) on the Home screen or press the  Menu button on the phone and select "Switch Application" and the Browser.

While in the Browser, press the  Menu button and select Go To, located about half way down the list of menu options.Use the phone keypad to type - do NOT use "www." When the SpectorSoft web page appears, select the Click here link to begin downloading eBlaster Mobile. The "Download net_rimm_app_mgr" page appears.

  1. Start the download.
    On the download page, use the phone cursor to select and check _Set Application Permissions, and then press the Download button.
  2. Set permissions.
    In the list of permissions that appears, set the following:
  3. Connections - Select the Custom button next to this option and Allow.
  4. Interactions - Select the Custom button next to this option and Allow.
  5. Save these settings and continue.
  6. Press the   Escape key and select Save to save these settings. The download begins.
  7. Replace the previous version, if prompted.
  8. If eBlaster Mobile has already been installed and you are upgrading or reinstalling, a prompt asks if you want to replace the existing version
  9. Reboot the phone, if prompted.

If eBlaster Mobile was not previously installed, a progress bar shows the download of net_rim_app_mgr. On completion of the download and install, you may be prompted to reboot the device to complete the install. Select Reboot if you are prompted. The reboot takes a couple of minutes. Rebooting is not necessary if you are not prompted to do so.

Close the phone's Internet browser, if necessary.

If the phone is not rebooted, then close the Browser application by selecting the Command button and scrolling down to the bottom of the menu and selecting Close.

Prompts for permission following installation

If the phone has a recent Blacberry OS version, or if you skipped the Set Application Permission step above, pop-up messages appear. If you do not respond Yes to and/or Save the permissions you grant, eBlaster will not be able to run (you will have to reboot the phone).

For a recent BlackBerry OS versions, or if you skipped the Set Application Permission step above, a series of messages ask if you want to grant Trusted_Application_Status to:

net_rim_app_mgr and/or


Select Yes to give permission to eBlaster to run.

If a message informs you that permissions are needed to run, click OK.

If net_rim_app_mgr wants to change its permissions, click View to see the request.

At the list of permissions,

Connections - Select the Custom button next to this option and Allow.

Interactions - Select the Custom button next to this option and Allow.

Press  Escape and select Save to save the permission settings.

Configure eBlaster Mobile

After downloading eBlaster Mobile Blackberry, follow these steps to configure security and settings at the phone. When these steps are complete, recording begins automatically.

On the phone, go to

Select the Browser app   (globe icon), press the phone's   Menu button, and select Go To. Enter this web address:

Enter your eBlaster access code.

At the prompt, use the phone keypad to enter 4321 (the default code) or the access code you previously used. Select Open. If an eBlaster Mobile prompt does not appear, wait a few minutes and try the access code again.

If this is a new installation, enter your serial number.

For a new eBlaster Mobile installation, a prompt requests your eBlaster Mobile serial number. Use the phone keypad to enter the 16-character serial number provided in your SpectorSoft Purchase Receipt email and online at purchase time. Omit all dashes. All characters are numbers EXCEPT the 5th and 6th characters, which are letters. Select Register Now. Wait as the phone is registered with SpectorSoft license server. If the license is valid, a successful registration message appears.

If you are re-installing, enter your password.

If you are installing eBlaster Mobile over a previous installation, a prompt asks for your previous password. Use the keypad to type and enter your password.

Enter a NEW access code.

If you wish, replace the default 4-digit access code 4321 with a different 4-digit number.

Enter a password.

Type a password using 4 - 16 alphanumeric characters. The password is not case sensitive.

Confirm the password.

Type the same password at the Confirm Password prompt to make sure you entered it properly.

IMPORTANT: Your password secures entry to the eBlaster Mobile software on this phone (following entry of the access code) AND at the eBlaster Mobile Control Panel website. REMEMBER this password. You will not be able to access eBlaster Mobile without it!

Enter an email address for report delivery.

On the Email Settings screen, next to TO: use the phone keypad to type the email address where you want to receive eBlaster Mobile Activity Reports. Replace the default with your email address; for example, eBlaster Mobile automatically sends reports to the address you provide.

Close the eBlaster Mobile application.

Press  Menu and select Close Application.

Choose to Save your settings.

As soon as it is closed, eBlaster Mobile starts recording activity. It does not appear as an application or icon anywhere on the phone. After a short period of time, eBlaster Mobile delivers an Activity Report to the email address you entered. Each Activity Report email provides a link to the Control Panel website, where you can control the settings on this phone.

Clear references to SpectorSoft from the phone.

To maintain stealth, after downloading and configuring eBlaster Mobile, remove evidence of the installation. Press the  Menu button and select History. One by one, select,, and any other spectorsoft site you accessed from the phone, press the   Menu button and Delete to remove them from the history.  If you need more help, see the online eBlaster Mobile Help.

Uninstall eBlaster Mobile

To uninstall eBlaster Mobile, open the eBlaster Mobile application on the phone using the dialing access code and password. When the application opens, press  and choose Uninstall

If you need further assistance contact technical support online at SpectorSoft Support or call (772) 770-5670.