Uninstalling eBlaster Mobile

To uninstall from the Remote Control Panel

  1. Access the remote Control Panel login by clicking the Login or a Change Settings link in an eBlaster Mobile Activity Report. Use your password to login to the Control Panel web site.

  2. On the toolbar, at the top of the Control panel, select Uninstall.

  1. A message asks: "Are you sure you want to uninstall eBlaster?" Click OK to continue or Cancel to cancel without uninstalling.

  2. A message informs you when the Uninstall command has been sent successfully. Click OK. The Control Panel is still available to you, but eBlaster will be removed when the device restarts.

To uninstall eBLASTER Mobile at the device

Open eBLASTER Mobile at the mobile device. Dial your access code At the login prompt, touch the Password field and use the keyboard to type your eBLASTER Mobile password. Tap Login. The eBLASTER Mobile splash screen appears, followed by the main menu.

  1. Press the device's BlackBerry Menu button and choose Uninstall.

  1. A message asks: "Do you really want to uninstall?" Respond Yes to continue or No to cancel. When the device restarts, eBlaster has been removed and is no longer recording.


IMPORTANT:  Don't forget to clear the browser history after entering the access code.