Standard Installation

The Standard Installation is for a physically-attended installation on a local computer. There are two methods for accessing the installation file; by CD or from an email message download link. If using the download method, you may copy the downloaded installation file to CD. Both open an installation wizard that leads you through the rest of the installation process.

Installation Requirements

  • Your serial number is valid for installing the eBlaster software on one computer for each license purchased. If it is installed on multiple computers at the same time, without the appropriate number of licenses, eBlaster will be disabled. Contact our Sales Department to receive a discount on additional licenses for eBlaster.

  • REMEMBER your password and Hotkey combination. You will not be able to use eBlaster without it!

To Perform a Standard Install

  1. Run eb50setup.exe.

  2. If installing over an existing installation, you will be prompted for a password. This is the same password you use to open the eBlaster Control Panel.

  3. Click I Agree to install eBlaster only on a computer you own or have explicit permission to install on.

  4. Click Yes to accept the eBlaster licensing agreement.

  5. Enter your valid email address for registration.

  6. Select Standard if the installation is being done on the computer you want to monitor. If you intend to create a Remote installation click Remote Installation and follow those instructions. A remote install will create a file that must be delivered via email or some other means to a remote computer in order to complete the installation.

  7. Click on the Start button, enter the serial number received in the email and click OK. If reinstalling, your serial number is already filled in.
    When typing in the serial number, all are numbers EXCEPT the 5th and 6th characters which are letters.

  8. Type the email address where you want the eBlaster Activity Reports sent.
    You must enter a complete email address such as "" or "".

  9. OPTIONAL STEP Click Test Email to verify email can be delivered. See Test Email section below to verify the email can be delivered.

  10. Type in a password. You will use this password to open the eBlaster Control Panel.
    Please make note of the hotkeys and password. You will not be able to open eBlaster without the hotkeys and / or password.

  11. Re-type your password.   

  12. Click Modify to change the Hotkey or make a note of the Hotkey sequence (the default is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T). If modifying the Hotkeys, click OK after changing.
     To help ensure security, change your eBlaster Hotkey sequence from the default.

  13. OPTIONAL STEP  If you are installing over an existing eBlaster installation, the Advanced button is available. Clicking this button will exit the Setup and open the CURRENT eBlaster installation Control Panel.

  14. Click Continue.

  15. Select either Yes or No to enable/disable Express Delivery of IM / Chat.
    What is Express Delivery of IM/Chat?
    This gives you instant notification, via email, of an EXACT copy of every instant message (IM) and chat that takes place on the monitored computer. eBlaster records and forwards BOTH sides of IM / Chats the moment they happen. All IM / Chat conversations will also be delivered within the normal emailed Activity Reports.

  16. Click Continue.

  17. Click either Yes or No to remove the eBlaster installation file. We recommend selecting Yes for optimal stealth performance.
    The README file is displayed after the installation is finished.

  18. Close the README file.
    The Setup Complete dialog box is displayed.

  19. Select either YES or NO to restart your computer. To increase security, also check the Clear references . . . Explorer box.
    After the computer restarts, eBlaster will start recording. You can finish the installation without restarting, but eBlaster will NOT start recording.

  20. Click Finish.

Post Installation

  • After the computer reboots, eBlaster automatically starts recording PC and Internet activity and will email a report if there has been activity and the computer is connected to the Internet.

  • To open the eBlaster Control Panel, use your Hotkey combination (Default CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T;  press and hold the CTRL key, the ALT key, the SHIFT key and then press the T key). When prompted, enter your password.

  • Select the HELP button for detailed information on using eBlaster. If you need further assistance contact us at Technical Support.

  • Make a note of the default Hotkey sequence. (This is CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T) You must use this sequence of keys to gain access to eBlaster after installation. Select NEXT to continue installation. After successfully installing eBlaster with the default Hotkey sequence, change your eBlaster Hotkey sequence and REMEMBER it. This will help ensure security from intruders.

  • If you have configured an Internet email account like Hotmail or Yahoo for receiving your eBlaster activity reports, these sites may place the received reports and / or forwarded email into a Junk or Bulk folder. This will make it appear that the eBlaster reports were not received. Check your Junk or Bulk folder.



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