Send Email Report Attachments in a Password-Protected ZIP File

eBlaster has the ability to add a level of protection to delivered Activity Reports by making the report a zip file that requires a password to open and unzip. This helps protect against unauthorized personnel potentially intercepting and reading the file. The Activity Report will be compressed into the popular ZIP format, and will be sent using the same rules as a normal Activity Report. You will need a password that you designate when setting up your Report Delivery Options to open and view the file once it arrives as an email attachment.

To set up a password-protected zip file:

  1. Open the eBlaster Control Panel.

  2. From the Top Toolbar, click Options and then from the Left Toolbar, click Report Delivery. Show Me
    The Report Delivery window is displayed.

  3. Click Advanced.
    The Advanced dialog box is displayed.

  4. From General options, select Send Reports/Emails with Secure Zip Attachments check box.

  5. In the Password text box, type a password.

  6. Click OK.
    The Advanced dialog box closes.

  7. Click Save to save the log file and any other changes
    click Cancel if you do not want to save your changes.
    The Control Panel closes.

Report Delivery Advanced Dialog Box

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