Webroot Antivirus Spy Sweeper (2012)



How can I prevent eBLASTER from being scanned and detected by Webroot Spy Sweeper? 


First, disable antivirus scanning while you install (or re-install) eBLASTER, and then set exclusions for the entire eBLASTER folder. Follow the instructions below.

See also Spy Sweeper (Webroot) 2011.

To disable Webroot while installing eBLASTER:

1.     At the computer where you plan to install eBLASTER, right-click the Webroot icon in the Windows system tray (at the bottom of the desktop) and select Shut Down.  

2.     Install eBLASTER on the computer. When the computer restarts, Webroot will be enabled again.

To configure Spy Sweeper to allow eBLASTER after detection:

First, allow Spy Sweeper to detect and quarantine eBLASTER.

1.     Right-click the Webroot icon and select Sweep Your Computer. If eBLASTER is detected, Spy Sweeper will alert you.

2.     After eBLASTER has been detected and placed in the quarantine, select all entries and click the Restore Selected Items at the bottom of the control panel.

3.     Next, click the Options button in the lefrt column and select the Always Apply tab. Under Always Apply, the quarantined items are listed. Select (highlight ) the eBLASTER entry and click Always Ignore to the right of the list.

4.     Your choice is reflected in the list. Close the Spy Sweeper window; SpectorSoft Products will now always be ignored.  



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