Installing eBLASTER

The installation takes only a few minutes, asking questions about where you want eBLASTER to send reports and how you want to access the local eBLASTER Control Panel. After the installation, there will be no indication that eBLASTER has been installed on the computer! If you are updating or reinstalling eBLASTER on this computer AND you were using a password for your previous installation, you will be prompted to enter the password before the setup procedure begins.

Before you begin:
- Read the Requirements for installing
- Make sure antivirus / anti-spyware scanning is OFF 

Before you begin

  1. Log in to Windows as an Administrator user.
    Make sure you are logged into Windows as user in the Administrators group and not as a Standard or Limited user. (You can check this by opening User Accounts from the Control Panel.)
  2. Disable your antivirus software.
    Make sure the software does not interfere with the installation. Most enabled antivirus programs have an icon in the lower-right system tray of your desktop that you can right-click to select a "Disable" option.
  3. Download and start the setup.
    If necessary, extract the zipped file and double-click the downloaded eb72setup.exe file.

To install eBLASTER

  1. Agree to install eBLASTER only on a computer that you own.
    You must also agree to inform anyone who uses your computer that the computer is capable of monitoring usage. If you agree, click I Agree.

  1. Read the full SpectorSoft Software License Agreement.
    One license installs eBLASTER on ONE computer. You may not transfer a license to another owner or transfer a licensed installation to another computer. Use the provided buttons to Save or Print the agreement. Contact SpectorSoft if you have questions. Click Yes if you agree.
  2. Enter your email address and serial number.

At this point, You may be prompted to check for an updated version of eBLASTER. Click Yes to check. A message identifies the latest version and asks if you want to download it. Click Yes to get the latest version or No if you know that you have the latest version.

  1. Enter a report delivery email address and password.
    This sets up where eBLASTER will deliver reports and how you will log in.

There is still a possibility that a firewall or Internet connection problem could prevent delivery of email after the installation has completed. For a more accurate verification of eBLASTER email delivery, run the Control Panel email test after the installation has completed and the computer has restarted.

  1. Choose whether or not to have Chat/IM express delivery.
    All chat and instant message conversations are included in the eBLASTER Activity Reports you are already going to receive. In addition, you can choose to have chat and instant messages forwarded as separate email at the moment they occur. Select YES to forward all chat/IM conversations immediately, or NO to only receive Chat/IM conversations only in your activity reports. Click Continue and wait as the installation proceeds.  

  1. SAVE the eBLASTER installation files.
    During installation, eBLASTER Setup detects antivirus or anti-spyware software running on this computer AND lists the randomly named folder and files it will install. Read Excluding from Antivirus Scanning to understand why you need to "Whitelist" (exclude) the eBLASTER folder from antivirus scans.  

Click the Save button. A "Save as" dialog box appears. Give the HTML document a name and store it somewhere easy to access. This document contains the folder and files for this particular installation.

Click Save on the Save As box. The document automatically opens, displaying the installation folder and files, as well as links to help for antivirus programs installed on this computer. If possible, you will exclude the entire eBLASTER folder or each file from scanning by the antivirus program.

NOTE: Your folder and files will be different from those shown in these illustrations!

Click the checkbox to confirm you have read this screen. You can then click Continue.


  1. Remove the installation file from this computer.
    You are removing only the downloaded eb72setup.exe program file for complete stealth; eBLASTER will be fully installed. Click Yes to remove the file. Click No to finish the installation without removing the setup file.

  1. Read and close the Release Notes (eBLASTER Readme).
    A window with notes is displayed at the end of installation to provide information about the version you just installed. Read and/or Print the notes and close this window.
  2. Restart and clear references to SpectorSoft.
    eBLASTER is not fully installed and operational until the computer restarts. In addition, eBLASTER can clear all SpectorSoft references from Internet Explorer browser history and download information. eBLASTER will warn you if you have left Internet Explorer open for other activity and will offer to close it.

If you need to exclude the eBLASTER folder or files from antivirus, do so now, before restarting the computer. When you are ready, click Finish.  

For stealth:

When the computer restarts, eBLASTER automatically starts recording computer and Internet activity. eBLASTER will email a report if there has been activity on the computer and the computer is connected to the Internet.  

Don't forget to delete or remove the list of eBLASTER files you created during this installation.


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