Opening the Remote Control Panel

eBLASTER allows you to access and change settings on the recorded computer from ANY OTHER COMPUTER. A web-based Control Panel for your eBLASTER installation is available from any Change Settings link on your Activity Reports. The remote Control Panel allows you to change the delivery email address and options, change eBLASTER preference settings, and obtain the Report of Recent Activity to see what's happening on the computer right now.

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To log in to the Control Panel from a report:

  1. Go to your email inbox and open any eBLASTER Activity Report. The default "From" name on the report delivery email is "eBLASTER on computer name." The "Subject" is "Report" and the date and time of the report. 
  2. Click either the LOGIN HERE button or a Change Settings link to open a web browser with the eBLASTER login prompt.
  3. Enter your eBLASTER password. This is the same password you use to open the Control Panel at the recorded computer. Click Login.
  4. Once you're logged in, the eBLASTER Control Panel appears in the browser.

To close the remote Control Panel

Select File and Exit from the menu at the top of the browser window or simply close the window. Opening and closing the remote Control Panel has no effect on recording at the computer.

What you can do

Buttons at the top of the online Control Panel are:

Tabs on the Control Panel are:

The eBLASTER remote Control Panel session expires after a number of minutes of inactivity. You must log in again if you wish to continue.  


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