Disk Monitor

Effective utilization of resources and ensuring proper management of disk space
is critical to your business continuity plan.


Disk Monitoring (monitor 20 nodes with FREE Disk Monitor)

Effective utilization of resources is key in every department within an organization. Ensuring proper management of disk space is critical to your business continuity plan. Running out of disk space can result in a loss of services, unproductive users, and potentially corrupt data. The disk monitoring capability in SpectorSoft Server Manager provides one convenient place to monitor your entire network storage resources. Get FREE Disk Monitor for up to 20 nodes.

Free Disk Monitor

With one easy to navigate dashboard, all of your disk resources are in one place. Keep an eye on critical resource information such as:

  • Free disk monitoring for space and changes
  • Disk utilization percentage
  • Directory size statistics
  • Largest file statistics
  • Temporary file information
  • File and folder permissions

Disk monitoring information can be reported in a number of ways. View the information in real time on Server Manager dashboards, receive scheduled email notifications, post the data to your own intranet web server, or write to a SQL database. Powerful notifications and reports are coupled with automation to provide your IT resources with effective monitoring tools.

Configure Server Manager to automatically recover disk space by deleting old backup files, temp files, or any file set you specify. Schedule disk defragmentation sessions during off peak hours, and improve performance effortlessly. And, as the name implies, FREE Disk Monitor offers easy to use free disk monitoring to ensure your resources are utilized based on your needs.

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