Event Log Management

Log Manager, part of Server Manager, provides powerful reporting and consolidation tools for Windows server event log, syslog, or even text log files.

Centrally monitor Windows, Unix, Linux, switches, routers, hubs and more by consolidating all of your event logs in one place, then use data filters and multi-level criteria to create powerful reporting options.

Get the Right Tool for the Job

As part of the server management tools included in Server Manager, you will receive the log management and disk monitoring capabilities to create a comprehensive IT Admin solution. However, if you only need a log management solution, we have you covered with Log Manager.

Log Manager allows you to view and report on event log data in the most convenient and intuitive way possible. Isolate pertinent log entries by merging multiple logs into a single view, hiding duplicate entries and filtering the results. Then, easily export, print or email the results for clear and concise event log analysis. Reporting and analysis for regulatory compliance such as HIPPA or PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is simple with the powerful reporting and alert features built into Server Manager.

Features of Log Manager Event Log Management

  • Consolidate all of your logs, Windows Event Logs, syslogs, and non-standard text logs
  • Monitor logs in real-time or on a user-defined schedule
  • Flag consolidated log entries for later review
  • Powerful filtering logic, including by event type and flagged entries
  • Log retention and archive options
  • Create multiple types of alerts, actions, and notifications, even SNMP traps
  • Scheduled detail reports of log consolidation results
  • Merge multiple logs in one easy to manage view
  • Single installation monitors your entire network
  • Use templates to quickly configure log management on new servers

Real Time Alerts and Event Monitoring

With Log Manager, you can create logic driven alerts to notify of events occurring, or when they are expected but do not occur. For example, get instant feedback when:

  • Database backup Fails
  • An error occurs three times within an hour
  • An expected Database Backup Completed notice has not been received

Alerts and Actions within Log Manager can include:

  • Customizable Text or HTML emails
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Play a sound
  • Display a message box
  • Write to a database table
  • Start a background process, interactive process, or run a script
  • Write to a file, whether CSV, HTML, TXT or XML
  • Forward to an event log or another Syslog server
  • Fire SNMP traps

Whether you use the included database-free technology, or a database such as SQL or Oracle, flexible storage options for event log archival are included with Log Manager. Your log data is centrally stored and available for review at your convenience. Additionally, Log Manager includes automated log retention policies to remove or archive data to an alternate database, removing clutter from your active event log repository.

Regulatory Compliance Analysis

Log Manager delivers powerful reporting options coupled with unlimited event log retention, which provides the regulatory compliance criteria your company needs. Easily generate a number of the supplied reports based on the filtered and consolidated log entries of a set of computers. For example, you can schedule daily reports that contain:

  • All failed login attempts to your domain controllers for the last 24 hours
  • Changes made to all user accounts in the last 24 hours
  • New user accounts created
  • Total logon sessions

Reports are fully customizable through easy-to-use HTML email templates. Reports can be run on-demand, or scheduled for automatic delivery.