Installing (Standard)

Follow these instructions to install Spector Pro on a computer you wish to record and monitor. You will be required to provide the Mac OS administrator password during the installation. If you do not have the administrator password for this computer, you will not be able to install Spector Pro.

Spector Pro will restart the computer to complete the installation.

To install Spector Pro | Mac on a computer you wish to monitor:

  1. Start the Installer.
    Download the install program to your Mac desktop. You may have to double-click a SpectorPro_Installer.dmg file (which may be in your Downloads folder) to open the Installer window. When the Installer window opens, double-click in the window the as directed to begin the installation.

If you are upgrading and have defined a password to open the Viewer, a password prompt appears. Enter the password you used for the previous Spector Pro installation.

  1. Introduction.
    At the Introduction panel, click Continue.
  2. License.
    Read the License Agreement and click Continue. On the popup window, click Accept if you accept the terms of the License Agreement. Click Read License to go back to the previous screen, or Decline to exit the Installer.
  3. Registration.
    For Registration, enter the email address you used to order Spector Pro, or an email address where SpectorSoft can contact you. Next to Serial Number, copy and paste the serial number you received from SpectorSoft by email or type in the serial number provided on the Spector Pro CD holder. Click Continue.
  1. Installation Type.
    Select Standard for a full installation of Spector Pro on this computer. Click Continue.

You must purchase a license for each computer you record with Spector Pro.

  1. Security.
    Set Security for this Spector Pro installation.

You can change the Password and the Hotkey Sequence from Security Preferences after the installation is complete. In addition, you can return to the default Hotkey Sequence (Command + Control + Shift + S) by clicking the Restore Defaults button on any Preferences panel.

  1. Installation.
    When you are prompted, enter the system password for this computer. You must be an Administrator user to complete the installation. Wait as Spector Pro is installed.
  2. Summary.
    When the installation is complete, an Install Succeeded message is displayed. Click View to open the Read Me file. Click Finish to complete the installation, Spector Pro restarts the computer and begins recording activity. If you chose to install in "Stealth" mode, the only way to start the application is by using the hotkeys. See Opening and Closing the Viewer.

For stealth, remove all evidence that Spector Pro was installed from the Finder and from the browser you used to download. See Clearing References in Safari or Clearing References in Firefox.



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