Deployment Utility - Creating an Install File


In order to record events on network computers, Spector CNE must install the Spector Client software on each computer to be monitored. To facilitate the installation of the Spector Client software, the Deployment Utility allows you to pre-configure all Client software configuration settings and create a single .exe program which can then be run on the Client computer to silently install the Spector Client software.


Once the Client .exe install file has been created, the actual installation to the network computer can be performed by either a Manual Client Installation or a Remote Client Installation using the Spector CNE Control Center.


Access the Deployment Utility by right clicking the Manage Computers view from the Control Center and select Deployment Utility.



Figure 1: Control Center Deployment Utility


The Deployment Utility uses a deployment script (.ini file) to store a particular Spector Client configuration. While running the utility, your answers entered into each dialogue box will be recorded in the script file you have specified.


When the Deployment Utility completes, it provides the option to create an installation executable from the answers to the script you have just made


File names for the scripts can be a standard Windows filename, but the file extension should be .ini.  It is recommended that you use filenames that are descriptive of the installation, such as "Sleepy.ini" for a deployment script that is to be installed on the computer "Sleepy."  The resulting setup executable will be named 'spsetup_Sleepy.sds’, by the Deployment Utility.  Keeping a standard naming convention will allow you to easily maintain multiple configurations


Note: By default the Client install file will be created with a .sds file extension. This is done to more easily identify the Spector Client install files for selection by the Control Center in performing remote installs. In addition, the .sds extension prevents accidental execution of the Client install file on your Control Center computer. To perform a manual install of the Spector Client, the install file will be renamed from a .sds file extension to a .exe file extension.


Below are the steps for creating a Spector Client install file using the Deployment Utility.

Note:  The Deployment Utility can only be run on a Windows NT, 2000, or XP Professional computer, but the installation executable created can be installed on any Windows 98 or higher computer.


Script Options


  1. Read the Spector Deploy Agreement and click Yes if you agree

  2. Enter the Spector CNE product serial number provided with your purchase. This serial number should be filled in for you.

Note: Only the 5th and 6th characters are letters of the alphabet, the rest are numeric. The Spector Client serial number should already be filled in and you should not change it.

  1. Select the name and location of the script file you wish to create or modify. (Select Browse to see other script files previously created)

  2. A wizard will walk you through all the available Spector Client settings.  Choose the settings that you would like to modify from the defaults displayed.  Refer to the Help buttons for information on each client configuration setting.

Note: The security setting provides the ability to configure a password. This password controls access to the Client software installation.

  1. When all the Client settings have been configured, select the Finish button.

Note: The settings configured are the settings the Client installation will have upon its initial installation. The Client settings can be changed after install time by either installing another Client install file or simply changing the Client settings from the Control Center Configure Computers view

  1. Click on Build button to select options for creating the Client install file.

Note: The Include Spector Viewer with Installation should only be used when creating a Client install file that will be installed for debugging purposes

  1. Decide which options you would like upon the execution of the Client install file on the network computer

  2. Select OK


You may modify this script by following these instructions again and selecting the existing file at the Configuration Wizard Start dialogue box.


Once the Deployment Utility has been used to create a Spector Client install file, use the Manage Computers view to select the computer(s) to receive this installation file. Right click and select Install Spector…  The Install Spector … command will prompt you to choose the Client install file that you would like remotely installed onto the client computer.



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