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Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Internet Activity

Workplace productivity is key to controlling labor costs and maximizing your company’s resources. Time is money. Every minute spent off task is negatively impacting your bottom line.

The Internet is no exception. Employees are wasting valuable company time by surfing inappropriate web sites (pornographic, shopping, sports, stock trading, auctions, etc…), sending/receiving personal email, talking to friends or family via online chat, downloading illegal software and music and more…

According to a recent Gallup poll, the average employee spends over 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity. That translates into an annual loss of $6250 per year, per employee1. An average mid-size company of 500 employees could be expected to lose $3.25 million in lost productivity due to Internet misuse.

Companies with remote or unsupervised employees are subject to a different form of employee abuse – white collar slacking. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that according to The Society for Human Resource Management, 59% of employees lie about the number of hours worked. Increasingly, employees use office technology to make it look like they are working when they are not. Email timers allow them to send a message even when they’re not there and instant messaging can be reconfigured to appear as if the employee is online.

Taking charge of how your employees use the Internet and eliminating excessive non-business activity will increase productivity and produce significant cost savings. Additionally, observing the ongoing performance of your employees will provide you with valuable information about how to improve their effectiveness on the job.

Spector CNE is a flexible, comprehensive monitoring solution designed to significantly increase employee productivity. With Spector CNE you can detect ongoing abuse of Internet privileges and deter employees from future misuse by maintaining a detailed record of all Internet and PC activity.

Install Spector CNE and in minutes you begin to increase your bottom line!

Just how much can you expect to save with Spector CNE? Click here for an online estimate

Did You Know?

• Non-work related Internet surfing results in up to a 40% loss in productivity each year at American businesses.2

• 85.6% of employees use office email for personal reasons.3

• 70% of all web traffic to Internet pornography sites occurs during the work hours of 9am-5pm.4

• 92% of online stock trading occurs from the workplace during work hours.

• 64% of employees have received politically incorrect or offensive emails at work.5

• 30% of American workers watch sports online while at work.

• 24% of American workers admit to shopping online while at work.

• Employees use company high-speed Internet access to visit sites such as Broadcast.com and MP3.com more frequently at work than they do at home because of the high-speed Internet access at work.6

Success Stories

"The return on investment in our situation was only a few months and allowed us to leverage new technology to increase efficiency within the company."

"Since the installation of Spector CNE on a number of our computers in the office, internet abuse and inter-company email (gossip) has nearly been eliminated."


Spector CNE Data Sheet

Spector CNE Data Sheet
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