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Record and Review Your Children's Computer Activity

SPECTOR PRO has deservedly earned its reputation as not only the most trusted monitoring software in the world, but as also the most feature-rich, while being easy and intuitive...even for beginners!

Capture Keystrokes Typed
Keystrokes Typed
Capture every single Keystroke your children type type including passwords
Capture Chat/IM
Capture & review all Chats and Instant Messages — both sides!
Read every Email Sent & Received — including web-based emails
Capture Websites Visited
Websites Visited
Review every Website your children visit and see what they do while on them
Capture Facebook + Social Networks
See everything your children do on Facebook + Social Networks (including all the profiles they visit and pictures they post)
Remote Viewer
Remote Viewer
Remotely review your recordings from another PC or Mac
Capture Searches
Online Searches
Quickly find what your children are searching for on Google,Yahoo, AOL, Bing ...
Capture Program Activity
Program Activity
See every program your children run, including games and iTunes
Capture Keyword Activity
Keyword Alerts
Even be notified when they use inappropriate language or visit sites you deem harmful
Website Blocking
Website Blocking
Block them from visiting any website or chatting with anyone you want
Video-Style Playback
Watch everything that happened on your children’s machine like an instant replay.

The Gold Standard in Computer & Internet Monitoring Software

Spector Pro is the world's best selling software for monitoring and recording every detail of your home computer and Internet activity.

Selected as the Editors' Choice by the experts at PC Magazine

SPECTOR PRO records every detail of what your children do on the computer - their chats, instant messages, emails, the websites they visit, what they search for, what they do on Facebook and Social Networks, the pictures they post and look at, the keystrokes they type, the programs they run and much more. And because of its advanced Screenshot features, you get to see not only WHAT they do, but the EXACT order in which they do it, step by step.

Never doubt what your children do on the computer with SPECTOR PRO

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 Advanced Screenshot recording allows you to watch everything that happened on your children’s machine, like an instant replay.

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How do Screenshots Work?

To give you a clear picture of what your child is doing on the computer, SPECTOR PRO continually takes snapshots of whatever is on the computer screen. These snapshots can be taken as frequently as once a second, or they may be taken based on user activity, such as clicking the mouse, visiting a new web page or launching a program. This gives you an extremely accurate and visual view of what your child has been doing on the computer. Reviewing the recordings is simple with easy to use video-style controls. Move forward one screen at a time to see step by step what they were doing on the computer, or click "PLAY" and the snapshots play back like a movie. Skip ahead, instantly rewind, jump to a specific date and time or even print individual snapshots.

What will you be able to see?

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  • See every website your children visit, but more importantly, see EXACTLY what kids do on each website. See what they are reading on the website as well as the pictures they are viewing on that site, you will also be able to see how much time they spend on that website.
  • See your children’s emails, including web-based emails like Hotmail, AOL email, Gmail, Yahoo mail and hundreds of others.
  • See your childrens and instant messages as they are being typed. SPECTOR PRO also saves the entire chat conversation and instant messages for later review.
  • See the programs your children run and what they type into those applications, such as in word processors, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, games, etc.
  • See what your children are searching for on Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and any other sites.
  • See what your children are shopping for on sites like eBay, Amazon and any other sites.
  • =======
  • See every website your children visit, but more importantly, see EXACTLY what they do on each website. See what they are reading on the website as well as the pictures they are viewing on that site, you will also be able to see how much time they spend on that website.
  • See your children’s emails, including web-based emails like Hotmail, AOL email, Gmail, Yahoo mail and hundreds of others.
  • See your childrens and instant messages as they are being typed. SPECTOR PRO also saves the entire chat conversation and instant messages for later review.
  • See the programs your children run and what they type into those applications, such as in word processors, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, games, etc.
  • See what they are searching for on Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and any other sites.
  • See what they are shopping for on sites like eBay, Amazon and any other sites.
  • See everything they are doing on Facebook & MySpace, and find out if they are posting pictures of themselves, or providing their telephone number or address where strangers can gain access.
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  • Screenshot Recording Features

  • Video-style Playback
  • Fast Forward/Immediate Rewind
  • Data Stored Chronologically
  • Advanced File Compression
  • Inactivity Timeout
  • Automatic Suspend/Resume
  • Black & White or Color Recording
  • Export to BMP, JPEG or AVI formats

iconChat / IM Activity + Blocking

 With the Chat/Instant Message recorder built into SPECTOR PRO, chat conversations and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. Plus... built-in Chat Blocking allows you to protect your children from Internet predators and from abusing Chat and Instant Messaging.

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Supports ALL Popular Chat/IM Services

You simply click on the Chat/IM Activity button, and you will see a list of ALL conversations. SPECTOR PRO is designed to record both sides of a conversation in AOL chat rooms, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Google Chat, MSN Messenger, Skype Chat and Yahoo Messenger. Or, you can review the messages from the Top 10 people most frequently chatted with or just the conversations on Facebook or MySpace.

See and Understand Both Sides of the Conversation

SPECTOR PRO records both sides of a conversation allowing you to see what your children or employees are saying as well as how other chat participants respond.

Plus, SPECTOR PRO has a built-in dictionary of thousands of common chat acronyms to decode and display the true meaning of shortcuts that kids use, such as "POS" ... "parent over shoulder", "MIRL" ..."meet in real life", "ASL" ..."age/sex/location".

New! Chat Blocking

Is your child chatting with an adult stranger you're not comfortable with? Now, you can block that person from further talking with your child and protect them from predators.

  • Chat / IM Recording Features

  • Records Chat conducted in: AOL, Google, IRC, Skype and more...
  • Records Instant Messages conducted in: AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, ICQ, Trillian and more...
  • Block strangers from chatting with your child in AOL Chats, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger
  • Print Chat/IM Transcripts
  • View the Top 10 Chats/IMs

iconFacebook + Social Networking Activity

 Facebook is the most popular social sites for teenagers to hang out at on the Internet. Here they meet new people, send messages to friends, gossip, exchange pictures/videos and a whole lot more. With SPECTOR PRO, these activities are recorded allowing you to ensure that your children are acting responsibly and are safe from Internet threats.

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The New Way For Teenagers to Socialize

Kids use Facebook and Social Networking sites to connect with other kids. They post personal information about themselves, put pictures and videos in their profile for others to see, invite other people to become their "friends" and spend a lot of time chatting and viewing the pages created by other users. Sometimes, they meet people in person through contacts they make in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, the information they post about themselves is readily available to almost anyone else using the Internet, and that includes millions of adults of all ages, thousands of whom are sexual predators trying to prey on young people.

Danger Lurks Online

Parents tell us every day of their great concern about the dangers to their children posed by websites such as Facebook and MySpace, and there are stories in the news almost daily about adults soliciting and meeting children they found online.

How Does SPECTOR PRO Help?

SPECTOR PRO records ALL your child's Facebook and MySpace Activity so you will know exactly what they are doing. You will see when they update their profile, post pictures, make comments about other users, send messages, invite someone to be a friend, accept an invitation from a new friend, and much more. You will also be able to see whether they have created multiple Facebook and MySpace accounts. You can also view the profiles of people who are contacting your child. So, you'll know if your 13 year old is communicating with a 40 year old who has posted inappropriate pictures of himself or talks about using drugs and alcohol on his profile page.

Anything your child does on Facebook and MySpace, SPECTOR PRO will record and you will be able to review.

  • Facebook/Social Networks Recording Features

  • View a Summary your children’s Facebook + MySpace Activity
  • Records Messages/Email Sent & Received
  • View Account Profiles and Pictures
  • View Top 10 People they are Sending Messages To & Receiving Messages From
  • Records Screenshots of everything they do on Facebook + MySpace
  • Records Facebook + MySpace Chat/Instant Messages
  • View Blog Entries, Lists of Friends and Posted Comments
  • View Top 10 Profiles Visited

iconKeystrokes Typed

 SPECTOR PRO includes what many consider to be the BEST key logger available, saving keystrokes by application, by date and time. See exactly what they type on the computer and the Internet... including passwords!

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Who, What, When and Where

With SPECTOR PRO, you will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because SPECTOR PRO keeps a record of who is logged into the computer.

CTRL+ALT (Captured!), Passwords (Captured!)

SPECTOR PRO will save every key typed on the PC keyboard. SPECTOR PRO not only captures standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also records "hidden" characters and keystroke combinations, such as the Shift and Ctrl key, as well as "true" keystrokes which may otherwise appear differently on screen (such as an * when a password is typed).

Navigate Easily Through Recorded Keystrokes

Keystroke recordings are organized chronologically by Application and by Window allowing you to easily differentiate between what is typed in a word processing document, email, spreadsheet, or Internet browser (even passwords). If you are concerned about your child providing phone numbers and addresses to strangers online, then use SPECTOR PRO's search function to locate keystrokes typed and jump to recorded screen images in Screenshots.

  • Keystrokes Typed Recording Features

  • Records ALL Typed Keystrokes
  • Records Hidden Characters (like passwords)
  • Keystrokes Stored Chronologically by Application
  • Records True Keystrokes (like CTRL, ALT or the Delete button)

 What are your children searching for on Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Bing? And why are they using certain search terms on the Internet? SPECTOR PRO reveals both the words/phrases they searched for and the websites they visited by clicking on search results.

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<<<<<<< HEAD

See What Your Children Search For


See Your Children’s Facebook For

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Is your teenager researching projects for school, seeking out free music or porn, looking for new friends online or contemplating suicide? Is an employee seeking information on professional growth, considering a job change or being distracted from doing work? Are they daydreaming of a new car, electronic gadget, or movie star?

By seeing BOTH what they looked for and the websites they subsequently visited, you are able to determine their goal.

SPECTOR PRO is the first product that easily allows you to quickly see exactly what they are searching for on the Internet. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to see what they have been searching for, and whether they search for this only occasionally, or on a daily basis.

  • Online Searches Recording Features

  • Records Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Facebook, Wikipedia, MySpace, Ask, and many other search engines
  • View the Top 10 Searches
  • Records how frequently they search for a specific word or phrase
  • Records all websites visited from a search results page

iconWebsite Activity + Blocking

 SPECTOR PRO continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a chronological record for your review. Now you can see not only where they go online, but how long they spend on the web page and how frequently they visit the website. Plus... built-in Website Blocking allows you to prevent access to websites you deem inappropriate.

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It's Like Your Web Browser History on Steroids

The Websites Visited recorder is much more sophisticated than the History feature of your web browser, providing you with important details including: Time of Last Visit, Duration of Time on the Website, Active Time on Website, Total Number of Visits to the Website and more!

Block Access To Bad Websites

Additionally, you can quickly highlight any recorded website and choose to block future access with a single click - or - take preventive action and create your own list of websites to block.

With SPECTOR PRO's advanced and intuitive website recording, you will get a quick, yet exact picture of each person's web surfing regardless of the web browser they are using.

  • Online Searches Recording Features

  • View a Summary Report of their Overall Web Usage
  • Records Date/Time of Visit, Total Duration of Visit and Active Time Spent on each Website
  • Records information submitted on web pages
  • Records URLs, Names and Titles of Websites
  • Records Total Number of Visits to each Website
  • Block future access to a specific web page or an entire website with one click
  • View the Top 10 Websites Visited

iconTop 10 Summary Reports

 It is now faster and easier then ever to see what your child is doing on the computer and Internet. SPECTOR PRO will automatically sift through your recordings to create Top 10 Reports of the most important PC and Internet activities. See the Top 10 websites they visit, their Top 10 online searches, the Top 10 people email was sent to, the Top 10 people they chatted with ...

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Quickly Review your Children’s PC and Internet Activity

Sometimes, you don't want or need to see every detail. You just want a summary. The Top 10 Summary Report allows you to see days or weeks of recordings at a glance. You'll be able to see which websites your child or employee is spending the most time on. If you see that your son is spending 4 hours a day on a gaming site and not getting his homework done, you can easily block him from accessing that site with one simple click of the mouse. You'll also be able to see a list of the people your child is chatting with the most. Is your daughter chatting every day with someone you've never heard of? Click and find out the content of these conversations.

Top 10 shows who they are emailing the most and who is sending them the most email. It also shows you which programs they are using the most. Top 10 also shows you what they're searching for on Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and other search engines.

You can see a summary of any Top 10 activity for the past day, past week or past month.

  • Top 10 Summary Reports Features

  • Top 10 Summary Reports of: Chat/Instant Message Activity, Online Searches, Websites Visited, Email Activity, Application Activity, Keywords Detected
  • View Details with One Click
  • View by Specific Date Range or see a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Summary
  • Immediately Block Websites from the Top 10 Report

Email Activity

SPECTOR PRO automatically saves a copy of every email sent or received, with ANY email program, to a hidden location on the computer. Even when they delete their email, SPECTOR PRO will keep a copy for you to review.

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Every Detail... Just a Click Away

To review the email recordings, simply click on the Email Activity tab and SPECTOR PRO will list all of the incoming and outgoing emails. See whether the email was sent or received, who sent it, who received it, the subject of the email, and the time and date the email was sent or received.

With a click of a button, all emails can be viewed by Sender, Recipient, Subject and Time/Date. Click on a specific email, and you will see the contents of the email. With SPECTOR PRO, you even have the option of recording email attachments.

It's easy to look at all the emails received on a particular date or all the emails sent to or received from a particular person, all with one or two clicks.

Nowhere to Hide... SPECTOR PRO Records EVERY Email

SPECTOR PRO records email sent and received through popular email programs such as Outlook Express, AOL, Microsoft Office, Mozilla Thunderbird and other POP/SMTP email clients. In addition, SPECTOR PRO is the ONLY program available that will capture Internet-based email services such as AOL mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, MySpace, Facebook and more.

  • Email Recording Features

  • Records Outlook Express, AOL, Mozilla Thunderbird and POP/SMTP Email
  • Records Microsoft Office and Exchange Email
  • View/Open File Attachments
  • Records Web Mail Services such as AOL mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, MySpace, Facebook, Juno/NetZero, ATT.net and more
  • View the Top 10 People to whom Email was Sent & from whom Email was Received

iconApplication Activity

 SPECTOR PRO provides the ability to record every program (or application) run on the computer you are monitoring. Find out if your kids are playing games when they are supposed to be doing their homework.

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Are They Working Hard or Hardly Working?

For each program, SPECTOR PRO will capture the name of the person who used the program, when the program was started and how long the program was running.

In addition, SPECTOR PRO will provide even more useful information, such as how much time the program was ACTIVELY used. Were your kids playing games all afternoon instead of doing homework? Was a program simply opened and left on-screen, an indication someone might be trying to deceive you into thinking they were working all day in Word and Excel (when they were really surfing the web)?

With SPECTOR PRO, you will know, because SPECTOR PRO keeps track of other information, such as keystrokes typed and mouse movements, to help determine whether a program is being actively used. SPECTOR PRO also shows you EXACTLY how many keystrokes have been typed in each application. If your administrative assistant typed only 80 keystrokes in Word or Excel all day, what are the chances they were doing much work? Of course, with SPECTOR PRO's other recording features, like Screenshots, you won't have to guess.

Identify Programs Affecting Computer Performance

Application Activity allows you to see at a glance ALL of the applications that have been used each day. If someone downloads a new program that starts affecting the performance of your computer, you'll be able to quickly see the new program in SPECTOR PRO.

  • Application Activity Recording Features

  • Record every Program launched
  • View the Day and Time Programs are launched
  • View the Total Amount of Time a Program was Used
  • View the Top 10 Most Frequently Used Programs

iconKeywords Detected

 SPECTOR PRO takes an active role in protecting your kids with powerful Keyword Alerts. You simply create a list of "on alert" keywords or phrases and SPECTOR PRO does the rest. If any of your keywords are detected (in keyboard typing, URLs, web pages, emails, chat or instant messages), then SPECTOR PRO will immediately send you an email Alert to warn of potential danger.

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Each keyword alert contains the following information:

  • The keyword that was detected
  • The time the keyword was detected
  • The current user logged in to Windows
  • Additional detailed information (Example: the URL where the keyword was found)

Set It and Forget It

You tell SPECTOR PRO which words and phrases to watch out for - for example, "sex," "drugs," "guns," "phone number," "where do you live," "are your parents home," "I hate my boss" - whatever YOU decide to include. You also tell SPECTOR PRO where to send the INSTANT ALERTS ... to your email address ... at the office or on your cell phone.

Then, when the person using the computer TYPES in one of these words or phrases, or when they are chatting and one of these words comes up, or when they are sending or receiving an email with one of these words or phrases, SPECTOR PRO responds IMMEDIATELY and sends you an email letting you know exactly what is happening so you can take action.

  • Keywords Detected Recording Features

  • Quickly Add Keywords/Phrases to Monitor
  • Increased Screenshot Frequency upon Keyword Detection
  • Works in Conjunction with Screenshots, Chat/IM, Website, Email, and Keystroke Recordings
  • Instant Email Alerts upon Detection of Keyword/Phrase
  • View the Top 10 Detected Keywords

iconFiles Transferred

 SPECTOR PRO will capture files downloaded via the Internet. Illegal software downloads, pornographic pictures or video, music files, online gambling software and more are automatically recorded.

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Identify Those Putting You, Your Company or Themselves at Risk

Are your employees using the company's high-speed Internet connection to steal music, watch porn or download large video files, tying up your valuable network bandwidth while exposing your company to potential legal liability? Do you want your company servers harboring stolen music, pornography or pirated software?

Files uploaded to websites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, including personal pictures, videos and music are recorded by SPECTOR PRO. You'll be able to tell if your children are posting pictures of themselves on public websites where strangers can see them.

  • Files Transferred Recording Features

  • Record Files Downloaded via the Internet
  • Records Instant Messenger File Transfers
  • View the Date/Time, Name and Type (Audio, Video, Software ...) of File Transferred
  • Record Files Uploaded to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Friendster, or any Internet site
  • Records File Sharing Services such as: Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Gnucleus and Limewire

iconUser Activity

 SPECTOR PRO records when the computer is being used and by whom. An easy-to-read chart shows you when they login, logout and when they actively use the computer.

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Enforce The Rules

Do your children use the computer during times when you have asked them not to, such as when they are supposed to do their homework or after bedtime? Are your employees arriving to work late, leaving early or taking long breaks?

You will get a very quick answer with the User Activity chart in SPECTOR PRO that allows you to view computer usage by day, week or month for each person using the computer.

A Time Sheet For The Internet Age

SPECTOR PRO provides a quick-view visual time sheet of when the computer is being used and when it is not being used. You'll be able to tell when family members or employees have logged on and logged off of the computer. You'll also be able to see whether they are actively using the computer, or whether they log on and walk away for long periods, or just sit there and do nothing.

  • User Activity Recording Features

  • Record Who is Using the Computer
  • Record Time when a User Logged On/Off
  • View Total Time Computer was Actively Used
  • Easy-to-read, Visual Time Sheet

iconFile Tracking

 Document Tracking allows you to determine whether files/documents are being saved to removable media such as floppy, Zip, CD, DVD, USB storage devices or memory sticks - plus records all documents that are printed.

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What Are They Hiding?

Does your child save "special" files onto a CD/DVD burner and you can't see them? Or, do they disconnect a secret portable hard drive or USB memory stick to hide downloaded music and video files from you?

Document Tracking ensures that these events don't go unnoticed. Now you can demand to see, confiscate or destroy any files you deem inappropriate for your children.

Identify Those Leaking Confidential Information

Are your employees copying sensitive files to floppy disks, Zip disks, CDs, DVDs, USB drives, memory sticks or simply printing out these documents and transporting them off company premises?

Document Tracking will Identify the culprits and allow you to put a stop to the loss of sensitive and/or confidential company information.

  • Document Tracking Recording Features

  • Track the Creation of New Files and Writing to Existing Files
  • Track CD ROMs, Local Drives, Network Drives, Removable Media
  • Track the Deletion or Renaming of a File
  • Track Printed Documents

Additional Features

 Keep SPECTOR PRO Protected from Everyone Except You

SPECTOR PRO offers levels of security that protect the program and recorded data from being altered or tampered with. Security features include: Stealth Mode, Hot Key Access and Password Protection

  • Hot Key Access
    Your recordings are protected by a combination of Hot Keys that you choose. SPECTOR PRO can only be accessed through your personal Hot Key combination.
  • Password Protection
    As an added measure of security, SPECTOR PRO will prompt you for a password before opening the PC recording files. This ensures that anyone attempting to access the recordings is an authorized user.

Complete Power. Complete Flexibility. You are in Control.

SPECTOR PRO has become the gold standard in monitoring software because of its ease of installation and use, and its comprehensive recording capabilities of just about every kind of activity.

Ultimate Care

 FREE Unlimited Upgrades, Service Updates, Extended Support and more (normally $69.95)

For a limited time, SpectorSoft's Ultimate Care is included FREE with your purchase (a $69.95 value). Ultimate Care entitles you to one full year of:

  • FREE Software upgrades when new versions become available, plus service updates that ensure SPECTOR PRO remains capable of recording the latest versions of supported Email, Chat and Instant Message services, web browsers and more...
  • FREE Technical Support via email or phone with our United States-based technical support team
  • FREE Online access to our extensive Knowledge Base with helpful tips and tricks
  • SIGNIFICANT discounts on additional software licenses and other SpectorSoft products
  • PLUS... Other special offers available only to Ultimate Care members

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