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How can I prevent Spector Pro from being scanned and detected by Avast! Internet Security? 


Before you run the Spector Pro Setup program, disable all antivirus scanning at the computer. Add the Spector Pro Spector Pro folder displayed during installation to the whitelist used by this antivirus software, as described below.

Disable Avast before installing Spector Pro:

1.     Right-click the Avast icon in your system tray.

2.     Select Avast! Shields control and Disable until computer is restarted.


The following dialog box may appear. Click Yes to continue and temporarily disable scanning.

Install Spector Pro

If you have already installed Spector Pro, you can re-install without losing data, and obtain the folder name.

1.   Run the Spector Pro Setup program.  

2.   During the installation, a dialog box with a stop sign appears. Click Save to create a document listing the folder and files for this installation.

Name the file and note the location where you save it (for example, in the Documents folder). The file opens automatically and displays the Spector Pro folder and file names.

NOTE: Your folder and files will be different!

3.   Return to the Spector Pro installation panel and click the check box to verify you have read the instructions. You can then click Continue.

4.   At the end of the installation, choose: No, I will restart my computer later. You will restart the computer AFTER excluding the Spector Pro folder.

Exclude files from scheduled Avast scans

1.     Open the Avast control panel. Right-click on the icon in the system tray and select Open avast! user interface.

You will exclude the Spector Pro folder from scanning in two places: in the Basic Settings and in the File System Shield Settings. You can exclude the installed single folder.

2.   On the control panel, click on Settings.

3.      From the left Settings menu, select Global Exclusions.
At the bottom of the panel, click the Add button.

4.   Type or copy and paste the name of the Spector Pro folder from your saved list. Avast will add an asterisk to the end of the path, indicating that all files in the folder will be excluded;  for example: C:\Windows\foldername\*   

5.   Click OK at the bottom of the panel and close the Settings box.

NOTE: Your folder and files will be different from those shown in these illustrations!

Exclude files from scanning as they execute:

1.     On the main Avast control panel, select Security > File System Shield.

2.   Click the Settings button on the right side of the panel.

3.    A File System Shield Settings box opens. Select Exclusions from the left menu.
Click Add at the bottom of the current list to bring up an entry field.

4.    In the entry field, type or copy and paste a file from your Spector Pro list into the entry field. Make sure all three columns (read, write, execute) are checked to apply the exclusion in all cases. Click Add to add another file, until all files are in the list.

5.     On the main control panel, select Summary and click Resolve All to enable normal antivirus scanning. Close the Avast control panel.

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