The following are the most common and the easiest to resolve support requests. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for an extensive FAQ and answers to many other technical issues.

Will my anti-virus or anti-spyware software interfere with the download and installation of eBlaster?

To avoid conflicts, you should always download the latest release of eBlaster.

When downloading and installing eBlaster, it is possible that your anti-virus or anti-spyware software will block the ability to download or run the eBlaster installation.To resolve this conflict, disable your anti-virus or anti-spyware software to allow for the download and install of eBlaster. Most anti-virus and anti-spyware programs can be temporarily disabled by selecting the program from the system tray or the program group and telling the program to exit or close. Once the anti-virus or anti-spyware is disabled, you will then need to re-download and install eBlaster.

When the eBlaster installation has completed, the anti-virus and anti-spyware software should no longer affect the operation of eBlaster.

Why am I only capturing one side of the chat?

Some SpectorSoft customers have reported only capturing one side of chat conversations. Here is a possible fix for this issue that involves changing settings in eBlaster:

  1. Open eBlaster.
  2. Click on the "Settings" item.
  3. Click on Chat/IM Activity.
  4. Click on the "Advanced" button and then click "Yes" when the warning window appears.
  5. On the page that follows under the "“Chat" section are items related to chat capture. You will need to change the appropriate chat capture item to "Low-Level". For instance, if only one half of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) conversations are being captured, change the “AIM/ICQ” item to "Low-Level".
  6. Click “OK” to exit the "Advanced” Chat/IM Settings" window.
  7. Click OK to exit the "eBlaster Settings".
  8. Close eBlaster and restart your computer.

eBlaster is no longer recording any information?

If eBlaster will not record please shut down your computer and try again. Should the problem persist, please follow each step in our General Troubleshooting Guide to ensure your computer is in proper working order.

eBlaster updates can be found by pressing your hotkeys, entering your password, selecting Help in the upper right corner, and then selecting  Check for Updates. Should an update be available, you will be given download instructions on how to retrieve the latest version.

eBlaster is no longer responding to my hotkeys?

Should your hotkeys fail to provide a password prompt, please shut down your computer for several minutes, restart, and when Windows has finished loading and you have been returned to the Windows Desktop, press your hotkeys. Should this fail, please note your keys appear on both sides of the space bar and try the opposite side. Should the restart prove successful, please follow the General Troubleshooting Guide or restart your computer daily to ensure enough resources are available for your applications and eBlaster.

I am unable to get eBlaster to send Activity Reports and forward email from a computer which it is installed?

Please begin by restarting the eBlaster computer. When Windows has finished loading and you are returned to the Windows Desktop, perform the following steps:

  1. Open eBlaster
  2. Press Send a Test Email and note any errors.
  3. Select Report of Recent Activity.
  4. Press Send a Report and note any errors.

For further error descriptions please select Help, Technical Support Diagnostics, View Log File, and scroll to the current date and time to review the error detail. If you are having a communications error, the email Delivery Method can be modified from within Settings and General Options. Try using the Direct SMTP method rather than the default SpectorSoft Server communications method. You might also consider the General Troubleshooting Guide to ensure that your computer is free of unwanted software. Should the above process be error free, please check your Send via Email to: email address to ensure your email account or provider is not filtering eBlaster messages as spam. Also check all junk, spam, and trash folders on your email account to be sure that your eBlaster messages were not incorrectly categorized. If your email provider is filtering eBlaster messages, try changing your destination email address to a free email account such as Yahoo.com, or another provider that will not mistakenly detect eBlaster email as spam. Many email providers allow incoming mail from specific email addresses to be always allowed into your email inbox if you put them on a ?whitelist? or non-spam list. The FROM address of all eBlaster Activity Reports and Forwarded Email is noreply@spectersoft.com (note the spelling of spectersoft), by putting this email address on your email account "whitelist", you can ensure your eBlaster messages will not be categorized as spam.

I have lost my eBlaster password. What do I do?

Protecting your password is a serious security concern, which is why your password is encrypted in all Spectorsoft products..

Please contact Spectorsoft support for instructions on recovering your password.

I have lost my product serial number. How do I recover it?

Refer to the purchase receipt which you received as an email when your product was originally purchased. If you also purchased the CD, the serial number will be on the back of the CD case. If your original purchase receipt is NOT available, click here to Request your Serial Number. You MUST provide your name and the original email address with which you purchased the software. A copy of your purchase receipt will be sent to the original email address your purchase was made with.

NOTE: If the version of the software which you purchased is no longer supported, you will be required to purchase an upgrade to the most recently released version in order to be provided with a serial number for installation

How do I install eBlaster on a new computer?

The eBlaster software license agreement allows a user to install on an additional computer, if the new installation is being done to a computer that is replacing the original computer on which eBlaster was installed. The original computer must be taken out of service, meaning that it is no longer used.

This policy allows customers who are upgrading to newer computers the ability to continue to use their eBlaster license with their new computer. This transfer of the license from an old computer to a new computer can only be done once.

eBlaster being installed on more than one computer at the same time (without obtaining additional licensing) will result in the eBlaster serial number being disabled and the software being deactivated on all computers on which it is installed.

Spectorsoft offers significant discounts for purchasing additional licenses of eBlaster. Please call us at 1-888-598-2788 for information on purchasing additional licenses. (From outside the United States, please call us at 1-772-770-5670 or email us at sales@spectorsoft.com)

See the FAQ above for information on downloading and installing the software on a computer. Contact Us for questions about licensing.

Should you wish to install on a new computer, please ensure you first remove the existing installation by pressing your hotkey combination, entering your password and selecting Uninstall from the eBlaster Control Panel.