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Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are the most common and the easiest to resolve support requests. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for an extensive FAQ and answers to many other technical issues.

  1. Will Spector Pro work on my Mac?

    Spector Pro supports Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X v10.7 Lion, or Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. Both Intel and Power PC processors are supported.

  2. How much disk space does Spector Pro take?

    5 - 20 MB of disk space per day for recordings, depending upon user settings, such as how frequently you save screen snapshots, whether you save in full color or grayscale, how many days of recordings you save, and how many hours a day the Mac is used.

  3. How does Spector Pro protect my child from Internet pedophiles?

    While Spector Pro cannot stop all pedophiles from going after children on the Internet, it provides a great deterrent, and allows you to be aware that such activity has been attempted.

    One of the biggest deterrents to pedophiles is getting caught. If a pedophile has an online conversation with your child, Spector Pro will record that conversation. If the pedophile divulges their phone number or address, you will see that in Spector Pro.

    If you see that your child has had such a conversation, you will be able to take the appropriate action to stop that from happening in the future. Further, if a pedophile suspects that he/she is being recorded, they will quickly move on to another target. As more and more people use Spector Pro, pedophiles will begin to notice, and most likely stop going after children, at least on the Internet.

  4. Is Spector Pro like the Internet filtering programs?

    No. We at SpectorSoft do not believe that filters are very effective. They too often don't catch the web sites you want to stay away from, and they often prevent you from visiting completely legitimate sites.

    We believe that recording what people actually do is the best way to keep them from inappropriate sites. When people know they may be watched, they are much more careful about what they do.

  5. Can I use Spector Pro and an Internet filtering program at the same time?


  6. Will Spector Pro work with my other Mac OS applications besides the Internet?

    Yes. Spector Pro records Mac activity for all of your applications, including word processors, spreadsheets, financial programs, databases, communications, and even games. If you are concerned about how much time your employees are spending playing games at work, you'll be able to see exactly how they are spending their time with Spector Pro.

  7. Am I allowed to install this software on somebody else's computer?

    You may only install Spector Pro on a computer that you own.

    Before you install the software, you must agree to use it only on a computer you own.

  8. Should I inform my employees or others that they are being monitored?

    Yes.The SpectorSoft software license agreement requires that you inform anyone you may monitor with SpectorSoft products.

  9. But, if I tell them, I'm afraid that they will poke around the system and try to circumvent Spector Pro.

    That is why Spector Pro offers a Stealth feature.

    When installed in Stealth mode, Spector Pro does not show up as an icon and will not appear in the Dock, Desktop, Applications Folder, Force Quit Applications menu, Menu Bar or "About This Computer" window. Additionally, Spector Pro cannot be uninstalled without the password which YOU specify and does not slow down the operation of the computer it is recording.

  10. Can I use the information recorded with Spector Pro as evidence in a court of law?

    SpectorSoft can not guarantee that you will be able to use the recordings in a court of law. A judge determines the admissibility of evidence on a case by case basis. You should assume that the information recorded would not be permitted as evidence.

  11. How easy is Spector Pro to install and use?

    We have designed Spector Pro to be very easy to install and use. Installation should take less than three minutes. After installation, Spector Pro will immediately start recording everything that happens on your Mac. When you are ready to review the recordings, simply type your HotKeys and enter your password. Your in! Now you can review all of the recorded activities and logs as well as watch playback of the recorded screen snapshots (just press the Play button). If you want to get more sophisticated, Spector Pro makes that easy too with simple menus and online help.

  12. I would like to purchase and download Spector Pro on the computer I am currently using, but install it on another computer. Is this possible?

    Yes. The Spector Pro installation file is compact and will fit on a standard CD-R. You may purchase and download Spector Pro on any computer, copy it to a CD and then later install on a different computer.

    Alternatively, you may choose to purchase a CD with Spector Pro which can be used for installation.

    Please note that the software license for Spector Pro allows for one installation per purchase. Please also note that you are only allowed to install Spector Pro on a computer you own. If you would like to install Spector Pro on more than one computer, you may click here to add licenses anytime or call our office toll-free at 888.598.2788 or 772.770.5670 and ask for multiple license pricing. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  13. Does Spector Pro support the recording of multiple displays?

    Yes. Spector Pro supports Mac's running multiple displays and will automatically record everything that appears on those displays.

  14. Will Spector Pro work with Mac OS X Parental Controls?

    Yes. Using Spector Pro and the Parental Controls feature built into Mac OS X is a powerful combination. Spector Pro offers detailed monitoring and recording features that are not available within Mac OS X Parental Controls. If you uncover abuse through your Spector Pro recordings, you can always turn to Mac OS X Parental Controls to limit their time on the computer and access to the Internet.