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Revision History

The following are the releases of Spector CNE with the respective build number and release date.   Please refer to our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section, which answers many common questions, and our Knowledge Base, which contains solutions to many other technical issues.

Date Build New feature and improvements  
06/04/2013 7.5.1005 Added support for recording Mac computers, added password protection... more...
07/24/2012 7.0.1004 (9901) Ability to configure email alert format, single directory client folder... more...
10/04/2011 7.0.1004 (7656) Maintenance to address changes in 3rd party products... more...
06/14/2010 7.0.1003 New Control Center, native x64 support, profile based recorder settings, support for Terminal Services... more...
12/03/2008 6.0.1002 64-bit support (x64), password masking, support for Remote clients... more...
11/27/2007 6.0.1001 SSL support for mail recording, foreign language support in MAPI... more...
07/07/2007 6.0.1100 Windows Vista Compatibility, MySpace Snapshots, Block Internet Access... more...
10/09/2006 4.4.1039 User Activity, Online Searches, Viewer, Webmail and Chat/IM Recording... more...
01/19/2006 4.3.1022 Support for web site capture in Firefox v. 1.5 browser... more...
11/11/2005 4.3.1021 Fix McAfee antivirus detection and removal of Client... more...
09/05/2005 4.3.1019 Fix Norton AntiVirus detection of install file... more...
05/09/2005 4.3.1018 Fix for Norton AntiVirus conflict with Client... more...
04/27/2005 4.3.1017 Miscellaneous fixes... more...
03/24/2005 4.3.1016 Fixes to support upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3... more...
03/08/2005 4.3.1015 Major release, ability to record by user, document tracking... more...

Build: 7.5.1005

Release Date: 06/04/2013

New features:

  • Added support for recording Mac computers running OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Added password protection for the Control Center application
  • Added System Alert feature to notify when a recorder stops running
  • Added a new, simple product installation wizard
  • Added full support for recording under Firefox browser version 21 (webmail/chat/etc)


  • Fixed issue with inbound AOL Webmail not recording (recent website change)
  • Fixed issue with Facebook Fly out Chat not recording (recent website change)
  • Fixed issue with deleted files not being tracked on Windows 8
  • Fixed issue with incorrect active times for Adobe Reader and Flash

Build: 7.0.1004 (9901)

Release Date: 07/24/2012

New features:

  • Single directory client folder to simplify administration of antivirus exceptions
  • Configure email alert format
  • Support for Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 and 2010
  • Support for Lotus Notes email messaging


  • Maintenance to address changes in 3rd party products

Build: 7.0.1004 (7656)

Release Date: 10/04/2011


  • Maintenance release to address changes in 3rd party products

Build: 7.0.1003

Release Date: 06/14/2010

New features:

  • New Control Center with improved management automation.
  • Profile based recorder settings.
  • Native x64 support.
  • Support for Terminal Services and Citrix Published Applications.


  • Post Form Data recording in web events.
  • Time and Date Stamps on Screen Snapshots.
  • Recorder Software Updates.

Build: 6.0.1002

Release Date: 12/03/2008

New features:

  • 64-bit support (x64).
  • Password masking.
  • Support for Remote clients over Internet connections.
  • Support for recording of App-V and certain other virtualization platforms.


  • Improved Stealth.
  • Improved Recording for new chat and email interfaces/protocols and social networking sites.
  • Improved Viewer Interface that allows easier review and reporting.

Build: 6.0.1001

Release Date: 11/27/2007

New features:

  • SSL support for mail recording.
  • Foreign language support in MAPI.
  • Various bug fixes in MySpace, AIM, facebook, IRC, Live mail and more.
  • Data Vault improvements.

Build: 6.0.1000

Release Date: 07/07/2007

New features:

  • Windows Vista Compatibility for Client and Viewer.
  • Install the Client on multiple computers at once.
  • Top 10 views of computer and Internet activity.
  • Navigate to Screen Snapshots by URL, Program Activity or keystrokes.
  • Block Internet Access by Chat/IM contact.
  • Trigger Snapshots when a web page is opened, the window title changes, a key is pressed, etc.


  • View MySpace Snapshots, Chat/IM, and other information separately.
  • Enhanced Chat/IM monitoring - Gtalk, Trillian, Meebo, Skype, MySpace.
  • Set rules for detecting Keywords from one location.

Build: 4.4.1039

Release Date: 10/09/2006

New features:

  • User Activity: Capture and view a user's log on/off time, and active and inactive time spent at the computer. A new tab on the Viewer allows you to view "Details" in a grid or a "Summary" of the user's productivity in a graphical chart.
  • Online Searches: Capture and view what a user searches for on the Internet. A new tab on the Viewer allows you to view the actual search terms entered and the search site used.


  • Viewer Interface: A new layout with additional tabs enhances monitoring users and computers.
  • Webmail and Chat/IM Recording: Continued improvements in recording the various Webmail and Chat/IM services make the Spector Client even more effective.
  • Stealth: Additional enhancements strengthen the Spector Client's ability to avoid detection.
  • Reliability: Issues involving corruption of the data files at the Client Recorder and file handling at the Data Vault have been resolved.

Build: 4.3.1022

Release Date: 01/19/2006


  • Support of website URL capture from Firefox v. 1.5.

Build: 4.3.1021

Release Date: 11/11/2005


  • Fixes problem with Spector CNE Client being detected and removed by McAfee antivirus products. McAfee detects the Client as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) called "spyware-eBlaster". This version of the Client will no longer be detected by McAfee but see our Spector CNE Knowledge Base for configuring McAfee to allow permanent installation of the Spector CNE Client.

Build: 4.3.1019

Release Date: 09/05/2005


  • Fixes problem with Spector CNE Installation file being mistakenly detected by Norton AntiVirus as "Remacc.Spector" at-risk program.
  • Fixes a problem where Control Center would close immediately after execution. Previously thought to be a problem with the sceuser.msc.
  • Fixes a problem with getting an EC:997 error when installing the Control Center.
  • Improved support for adding computer name into Manage Computers view using an IP address instead of computer name.

Build: 4.3.1018

Release Date: 05/09/2005


  • Fixes problem with Spector Client being mistakenly detected and removed as an "unwanted program" by Norton AntiVirus Corporate 10.
  • Fixes a problem with Spector Client causing Norton AntiVirus Corporate 10 RtvScan process to continuously allocate memory and eventually shut down the Client computer.
  • Now provide a build option (within Deployment Utility) to install the Spector Client with a pre-determined list of program file names so that an anti-virus or anti-spyware application can be configured to exclude the Spector CNE Client progam files during their scans.
  • Made a fix for an installation error with Control Center service. Was receiving an EC:1 error if the service had not stopped completely when installing over a previous installation.
  • Reduced what was a very long timeout when adding computers, which were not on the network, to the Manage Computers view.
  • Added an Archive Now functionality to the Data Vault tab of the Control Center properties to allow immediate archiving.

Build: 4.3.1017

Release Date: 03/27/2005


  • Fixes problem with Spector Client that would cause it to disable network communications for some specialized applications.
  • Fixes problem where McAfee antivirus was falsely detecting and removing the installation of the Spector CNE Client.
  • Fixes a problem where Symantec Corporate AntiVirus was mistakenly detecting Spector CNE Client installation.
  • Fixes problem where MSN Messenger 7.0 was intermittently recorded.
  • Fixes a problem where the Data Vault and Primary Server tray icons would not be displayed when using Terminal Services.
  • Dialogs will now be presented in the Control Center reminding customer to re-install all Spector Client installations if an upgrade is made from v. 4.2 to v. 4.3. Otherwise, new recordings will not be available for review.
  • The Control Center will now allow installation to a computer defined by an IP address instead of a computer name.
  • Fixes problems with installing server components on NT 4 systems.

Build: 4.3.1016

Release Date: 03/24/2005


  • Fixes problem that would cause currently recorded data not yet sent from Client to Data Vault to remain on Client computer after 4.3 version of Client installed over v. 4.2.
  • Fixes problem where Data Vault folder path would be changed from a local path name to a UNC path name on upgrades.
  • Fixes a problem where Symantec Corporate AntiVirus was mistakenly detecting Spector CNE Client installation.
  • Fixes problem where the icons in system tray for Data Vault and Primary Server would disappear after performing an upgrade to v. 4.3.
  • Fixed problem where configuration settings for Data Vault and Primary Server were not being retained when upgrading to v. 4.3.
  • Updated support for Webmail email capture to rev 128 fixing Bellsouth webmail interface.
  • Context senstive help is now implemented.

Build: 4.4.1015

Release Date: 03/08/2005

New features:

  • Ability to configure Data Vault to record by user or record by computer. Previous versions always performed record by computer. The default is to now record by user. Record by user means that all events being received from Clients will be organized according to the Windows user that the event was recorded from and NOT the computer the event was recorded on. This allows events from multiple users on the same computer to be separated and viewed individually from other users on the same computer. This is especially helpful for multi-user computing environments like Citrix and Terminal Services. The record by user functionality is also useful if a user is logging into multiple computers across the network, all events for that user regardless of the computer they were on, can now be viewed together.
  • The icons for the Primary Server and Data Vault can be hidden by right clicking each icon and selecting the option or from within the Control Center properties tab.
  • When configuring the Client installations, an IP address can now be configured along with the computer name for the Data Vault and Primary Server. If the Data Vault and Primary Server are installed on computers with static IP addresses, then the configured IP addresses will be used to communicate from the Client to the DV/PS if the network name resolution for their computer names fails. This is very helpful for Workgroups and other networks where the name resolution is unreliable.
  • When configuring the Client installation, there are now options to control the frequency that recorded events are transmitted from the individual Client computers to the Data Vault. The default is 4 minutes.
  • The Manage Computers view of the Control Center can now be populated with computer lists from Active Directory.
  • The Data Vault maintains statistics for events captured for each user or computer. These statistics are displayed in the Monitor Users or Monitor Computers view of the Control Center. These statistics are recalculated every day at 2:00 am in addition to continuous updating as events are received by the Data Vault.
  • Support for recording file transfers using FTP. These events are displayed in Files Transferred tab of Viewer.
  • Support for recording file transfers using HTTP. These events are displayed in Files Transferred tab of Viewer.
  • Support for multiple monitors when recording snapshots on Client computer.
  • Support for recording all TCP/IP network connections on Client computer. These events are reviewed on a new Viewer display tab called Networks. This can be used to determine network security issues with rogue applications as well as determining bandwidth usage of the computers/users being monitored.
  • Support for the recording of files being written, deleted, and renamed. These events are reviewed on the Document Tracking tab of the Viewer and by default only track files written, deleted, and renamed on removable media such as USB devices, memory sticks, floppies, CD, DVD, etc. This is very useful for monitoring files being transferred from a computer.
  • Support for the recording of documents being printed. This is implemented on the Document Tracking tab of the Viewer.
  • Added option to individually configure the event types to search for keyword alerts. Alerts no longer have to be received for all recorded events.
  • Improved speed of reviewing email events in Viewer.
  • Improved Data File password so that the password for securing data files is ONLY set on the Data Vault. All files/events received by the Data Vault will be secured using the currently configured Data File password. This option is in the Control Center Data Vault properties.
  • Added support to provide archiving for events stored in the Data Vault. This is accessible from the Data Vault Advanced properties tab of the Control Center.
  • Control Center provides the ability to configure the default data range for events to be loaded into the Viewer. The default is the most recent 15 days. o Control Center provides the ability to specify that Snapshot files are NOT to be loaded when viewing. This can significantly speed loading of events.
  • The recoding of email from MS Exchange will no longer set an alert flag in the display of the events in the Viewer.


  • Fixes problem with Viewer progress bar when loading many events.
  • Fix conflict with Norton Internet Security 2005 and the Spector Client.