User Activity Monitoring

Employee and Event Log Monitoring Solutions

Ensuring your employees and systems are secure and productive

Spector 360

Employee Monitoring Software for the Enterprise

Protect your business by monitoring employee activity on their work computers. Instantly detect insider threats like data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and productivity loss. Track employee actions and get real-time alerts about dangerous or inappropriate behavior. Review individual and aggregate employee actions as if you were sitting there with video-style screen playback. Learn more →

Spector 360 Recon

Bringing balance to corporate security and employee privacy

A brand new approach to employee digital activity monitoring, designed to allow companies to receive the benefits of digital activity monitoring while protecting the privacy of the employees. Learn more →

  • Comprehensive Digital Activity Recording
  • Early Detection and Warning
  • Maintain Employee Privacy
  • Minimized Bandwidth / Storage Usage
  • Unlock 30-Days of Activity History
  • Supports Windows and Mac

Spector CNE Investigator

Focused Employee Investigation Software

Whether you suspect an employee of wrongdoing or simply want to monitor someone’s activity on a company computer, Spector CNE gives you the ability to discreetly record and replay individual employee activity remotely, from a central workstation or server. Perfect for small businesses or workgroups. Learn more →

Server Manager

Affordable Event Log Monitoring & Management Software

Quickly and easily centralize the consolidation and management of your Event Log, Syslog and Text Log data with Server Manager. Customizable, real-time server alerts help you quickly identify and respond to critical server issues immediately. Learn more →