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Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are the most common and the easiest to resolve support requests. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for an extensive FAQ and answers to many other technical issues.

  1. I have lost my eBlaster Mobile password. What do I do?
    Protecting your password is a serious security concern, which is why your password is encrypted in all Spectorsoft products.

    Please contact Spectorsoft support for instructions on recovering your password.

  2. I have lost my product serial number. How do I recover it?

    Refer to the purchase receipt which you received as an email when your product was originally purchased. If your original purchase receipt is NOT available, click here to Request your Serial Number. You MUST provide your name and the original email address with which you purchased the software. A copy of your purchase receipt will be sent to the original email address your purchase was made with.

    NOTE: If the version of the software which you purchased is no longer supported, you will be required to purchase an upgrade to the most recently released version in order to be provided with a serial number for installation.

  3. How do I install eBlaster Mobile on a new phone

    The eBlaster Mobile software license agreement allows a user to install on an additional mobile device, if the new installation is being done to a mobile device that is replacing the original mobile device on which eBlaster Mobile was installed. The original mobile device must be taken out of service, meaning that it is no longer used.

    This policy allows customers who are upgrading to newer mobile devices the ability to continue to use their eBlaster Mobile license with their new mobile device.

    eBlaster Mobile being installed on more than one mobile device at the same time (without obtaining additional licensing) will result in the eBlaster Mobile serial number being disabled and the software being deactivated on ALL mobile devices on which it is installed.

    Should you wish to install on a new mobile device, please ensure you first remove the existing installation by selecting Uninstall from the eBlaster Mobile menu on your mobile device or clicking the Uninstall button from the web interface.

    Spectorsoft offers significant discounts for purchasing additional licenses of eBlaster Mobile. Please call us at 1-888-598-2788 for information on purchasing additional licenses. From outside the North America, please call us at +1-772-770-5670 or email us at